AIFD Fellowship

AIFD’s fellowship program provides experts, activists and scholars with an opportunity to engage AIFD’s mission hands-on, serving as an important part of our work in the field.

Meet our fellows (click on fellow names to view their individual pages):

Arif Humayun

Ahmed Vanya

More coming soon.


Potential fellows may contact AIFD directly to express their interest, or we may approach individuals to apply for a fellowship. Fellows are encouraged to maintain their own professional pursuits, including in the field. However, we expect that fellows will adhere to our foundational values  and core principles both during and outside of their immediate work with AIFD.  Both Muslim and non-Muslims are encouraged to apply.

Opportunities in the following areas will be available to fellows. Fellows will be assigned to specific areas based on demonstrated skills, potential and strength on a particular subject or project. Fellows will work closely with AIFD’s core team to create a fellowship program best suited to both the fellow and AIFD.

  • Research: all fellows will be expected to conduct basic to complex research on myriad issues related to AIFD’s mission. Fellows are expected to go “above and beyond” to ensure that the product of their research is factual, well sourced and defensible in debate and under scrutiny.

AIFD will often use fellows’ research reports in media commentaries, blogs, articles and other materials for public consumption, so it is important that fellows commit to ethical, exhaustive research practices.

Fellows are encouraged to propose areas and subjects they would like to research, particularly if they have special expertise in or connection to a subject. When proposing a research idea, fellows should first determine the purpose of the research and how it will translate into a deliverable (paper, blog, article, panel, conference, event, etc). Priority will be given to those research topics which can be the basis of such deliverables.

  • Writing: all fellows must demonstrate strong writing skills, and an enthusiasm for translating critical thinking and stellar research into blogs, articles, papers and other commentaries.

Fellows will be expected to write regularly. The amount of writing a fellow does will depend on the fellow’s availability, skill set, and other factors. Fellows will have the opportunity to write blog posts, position papers, studies, and articles for outside publications.  

  • Publishing: fellows are encouraged to publish their work outside of AIFD; including on major and independent media. We ask that fellows mention AIFD in their bylines. While AIFD will make every effort to provide fellows with publishing opportunities, we cannot guarantee that every fellow will be published.
  • Mentorship:  some fellows may be interested in mentoring members of our youth initiative, the Muslim Liberty Project.  One of the most important parts of our work is the empowerment of young, liberty-minded Muslims. Formalized mentoring relationships can be decided on a case-by-case basis. Examples include: once a week phone calls with an MLP member working through a major project or issue; serving as a consultant or advisor to one of our MLP chapters at a university; serving as a source of guidance and/or information to an MLP member who is completing a dissertation or major project.
  • Commentary:  some fellows may be invited to comment on an issue to the media. AIFD will make every effort to offer such opportunities to fellows who show promise in this area, and will prepare fellows for media appearances to the extent that we are able. For many reasons, we cannot guarantee that every fellow will secure media experience during his or her tenure with AIFD.


To apply, we request the following:

 1) A cover letter: In your cover letter, please be sure to explain why you’re interested in working with AIFD specifically, what you would like to achieve in your work with us, and describe your availability. Please include with your full legal name, email address, and geographic location.

2) Resume or CV:  Your resume should include your current or completed field(s) of study, and GPA if applicable. Please include any special skills (computer skills, etc). If you are mentioning languages spoken (other than English), please also describe your proficiency (native/bilingual, professional working proficiency, intermediate proficiency or basic conversational proficiency.) Include three references on the last page of your resume, along with their phone numbers. At least two of your references must be professional references.

3)  Writing sample: Please send us at least one writing sample. This may be a completed college or university paper, op-ed, blog, essay or article. You may upload up to three writing samples.

Please note that applications must include all three of the above components. Applications without all three of the above will not be considered.

Please email your application to:

Thank you for your interest!

No calls please. We will contact candidates who qualify. Candidates who advance to the next step of consideration may be asked to undergo a simple background check.