07/04/2016 AIFD Wishes you a Happy Fourth of July

Dear Friends of AIFD,

We at the American Islamic Forum for Democracy write to wish you a happy, blessed and safe Fourth of July holiday. Every year, as we watch the world continue to be plagued by the deathly evil of radical Islamism, the fundamental liberties formalized on that day on 1776 are ever more essential to protect. This country’s founding example and spirit is something that infuses all of our work at AIFD.
We also wish to take a moment to remember the life and legacy of Elie Wiesel, whose example of moral courage inspired and continues to inspire many who seek to work against oppression and hate. Dr. Jasser had the opportunity to meet Mr. Wiesel on several occasions during his time they shared on the board of advisors of the Gatestone Institute. We will continue to be grateful for his example, and to work to speak out against oppression whenever and wherever it occurs.
At AIFD, we have been blessed to see morally courageous youth take a stance against Islamism and for human rights through our Muslim Liberty Project (MLP). This year, we are very proud to celebrate the accomplishments of three of the MLP’s founding leaders, who have achieved success as students and community organizers. Stay tuned as we share with you their stories and contributions to AIFD and MLP in the coming weeks.
Yours in Liberty, AIFD