12/04/2015 Muslim Reform Movement #MuslimReform

12/1/2015 Summit of Western Muslim voices of Reform against the Islamic State and Islamism

(Washington, D.C.) This founding summit will take place this week in Washington D.C. and will include over 20 Muslim reformers who are against the ideology of Islamism (political Islam). Summit attendees are from the UK, Canada, Denmark and the United States of America.

The thought leaders will gather for the first of its kind, high profile foundational meeting in Washington D.C. This week’s meetings will set the foundations in the long-overdue, deep needed reforms against the ideologies which inspire the Islamic state and inspire global Islamist movements.

Many of these leaders will gather to discuss their calls to action as Muslims with a press conference to announce their findings, strategy and goals for long needed reforms within the House of Islam at the National Press Club this Friday, December 4, 2015 at 8:00 a.m.

Please join us as these leaders come together to call upon their co-religionists to end the apologetics and begin the tough work of global reforms against the ideologies that inspire political Islam and radical Islamism.

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