AIFD Wishes our Christian Friends and Readers a Blessed and Merry Christmas

AIFD wishes our Christian friends and readers a blessed and Merry Christmas.

As Americans, we are blessed to live in a nation where each citizen is free to practice the faith of his or her own choosing. This Christmas, we continue to hold in our prayers those Christians persecuted for their faith, who are not free and safe to celebrate Christmas with their families.  We think especially of Christians in places like Iran, where many are imprisoned for public practice of their faith (such as American pastor Saeed Abedini); Pakistan, where Asia Bibi remains  on death row; Egypt, where Copts attend church at great risk; Nigeria, where Christians are terrorized by Boko Haram; and Iraq, where just today Christians were targeted with bombs.

For those Christians persecuted for their faith, your oppressor is ours also: the dangerous ideology of Islamism, or political Islam. We remain committed to working for full religious liberty, individual freedom, and universal human rights, so that one day all may enjoy the freedoms we do as Americans. We stand firmly and steadfastly with you in this important fight.

May your day be filled with love, joy, and fellowship. Merry Christmas!