April 22, 2019: AIFD President, M Zuhdi Jasser speaks out in response to the attacks in Sri Lanka

Another act of radical Islamist jihadist terror-worst since 9/11-has struck against religious freedom, diversity, and harmony. We grieve for all who suffer and give our prayers and resolve again to defeat all Islamists and their global jihad.

As we wait to get details of who all (beyond the Islamist homicide bombers) is behind these horrific acts, it bears noting that typically Islamist terror starts first with willing militant jihadists gathering in a cell and then they narrow in on vulnerable and symbolic targets.

Many will wring their hands trying to peg relevance to local politics or history in #SriLanka. However the global #jihad cares little about that, but that a coalesced jihadist cell wanted to wreak havoc on religious liberty and diversity somewhere in the planet.

The #GlobalJihad can only be defeated globally not locally! And can only be defeated with honest reforms AGAINST #Islamism #PoliticalIslam and FOR religious freedom and liberty and free speech!

Yours in liberty,
M Zuhdi Jasser
Muslim Reform Movement
American Islamic Forum for Democracy