WBT-AM Charlotte Morning News

Interview with M. Zuhdi Jasser on Flying Imams Lawsuit (6min)

Dennis Prager Show with Frank Pastore 022607 interview of Zuhdi Jasser, Chairman AIFD

Frank Pastore discusses AIFD and radical Islam with Zuhdi Jasser (Listen with Windows Media Player)

Allman and Smash interview M. Zuhdi Jasser AIFD

Muslims in the Military and AIFD

The World Tonight with Rob Breakenridge on 770AM Calgary

Rob interviews M. Zuhdi Jasser, AIFD Chairman, about the Hollywood portrayal of Muslims and ’24’

Bauer and Rose Show- Muslim Organizations Complaining

American Muslims making a religious pilgrimage to Mecca are being encouraged to file civil rights complaints if they feel discriminated against by airlines. Joining Tom & Gary, Dr. M. Zuhdi Jasser, Founder, American Islamic Forum for Democracy.