The World Tonight with Rob Breakenridge on 770AM Calgary

Rob interviews M. Zuhdi Jasser, AIFD Chairman, about the Hollywood portrayal of Muslims and ’24’

Phoenix Valley-Wide Eid Al-Adha Prayer Service Sermon by Ahmed Shqeirat

Transcript of Eid Al-Adha Sermon given by Ahmed Shqeirat at the Phoenix Civic Plaza on December 30, 2006 before thousands of local Muslims

Phoenix Valley-Wide Eid Al-Adha Prayer Service Sermon by Ahmed Shqeirat

Transcipt of sermon delivered by Imam Shqeirat of Islamic Community Center of Tempe at Valley Muslim prayer service on Eid Al-Adha December 30, 2006.

Bauer and Rose Show- Muslim Organizations Complaining

American Muslims making a religious pilgrimage to Mecca are being encouraged to file civil rights complaints if they feel discriminated against by airlines. Joining Tom & Gary, Dr. M. Zuhdi Jasser, Founder, American Islamic Forum for Democracy.

CAIR Press Release on ISG Panel

Mosque Flier Defending Marwan Ahmed

Flier distributed in local mosque by Islamist organizations in defense of Marwan Ahmed’s ideology.

CAIR Email calling for Press Conference on Eid Al-Fitr to Defend Marwan Ahmed

Blast email from CAIR-AZ announcing a joint press conference with MAS, ADC, and 7 other local “Muslim” organizations calling for the reinstatement of Marwan Ahmed

Supporters and Advertisers in the Muslim Voice and Arab Voice (Islamist Newspapers in Arizona)

Active list of Arizona businesses and mosques who support the local publication of the Muslim Voice and the Arab Voice either through advertisements or free distribution. This list is provided to inform the greater community about those who support the dissemination of Bleek Publishing’s Islamist ideology.