Chronicling the Duke University Controversy

April 3, 2018 M. Zuhdi Jasser, M.D.

Many months ago, I was invited to Duke University to speak to their students and accepted the invitation gladly.  The Alexander Hamilton Society posted an event on their FaceBook page and distributed a flyer showing their full support.

Just days before I was to leave, the Duke Muslim Students Association determined that my presence on campus was worthy of harsh words and a possible protest and the Alexander Hamilton Society withdrew their support of the event.

Below are links to articles published in the Duke Chronicle along with my response.

The Chronicle
Fear and loathing in the bull city
By Editorial Board | 03/29/2018

The Chronicle
DPU, YAL, College Republicans co-sponsored event ‘The American Muslim Identity’ sparks protest
By Bre Bradham | 03/29/2018

The Mere Suggestion of  Islamisim Triggers Islamists
M. Zuhdi Jasser 03/30/2018

The Chronicle
MSA holds teach-in at Chapel to protest Islamophobia, DCR event ‘The American Muslim Identity’
By Jamie Cohen | 04/03/2018

The Chronicle
‘They don’t want you to criticize Islam’: Controversial speaker Zuhdi Jasser talks about combating ‘Islamism’
By Jake Satisky | 04/03/2018

Duke University– The American Muslim Identity- Patriot or Insurgent?– with M Zuhdi Jasser, President American Islamic Forum for Democracy
Video of lecture 04/02/2018