International Holocaust Remembrace Day: AIFD remains committed to “never again”

We at AIFD would like to take this opportunity to commemorate International Holocaust Remembrance Day, and the anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz-Berknau.

As we remember the six million lives lost – young men and women, elders, husbands, wives, children, grandchildren, loved ones and friends – may we not speak the words “never again” and allow them to prove hollow. May we vow to make “never again” a solemn and enduring vow, both to honor of the spirits of those lost during that most horrid time in history; and to inspire our continued commitment to combat oppression and tyranny.

Tragically, even seventy years after the liberation of Auschwitz, the world is not post-anti-Semitism. Please watch our most recent video blog on this issue here, read the transcript below, and join us in our commitment to combat anti-Semitism both within and outside of our community. Never again.


Hello, and thank you for taking the time to let me speak to you on behalf of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy, or AIFD.

AIFD is founded on the principle that freedom of conscience is an inalienable human right; and that we Muslims have an urgent responsibility to combat Islamism, an ideology responsible for the repression of religious freedom worldwide.

We also believe that we Muslims must admit to and address the uncomfortable but undeniable truth that anti-Semitism remains a rampant problem within our communities – both in Muslim majority societies and in the West.

It is outrageous, but it is true, that too many in our communities support groups like Hamas and their apologists. It is also true that we don’t do nearly enough to challenge anti-Semitic interpretations of our religion disseminated at dinner tables, in mosques, online, and on the street.

Even a quick perusal of Arab and Muslim media outlets reveals an avalanche of hatred and incitement against Jews. Leading Muslim politicians from countries the United States treats as allies, as well as religious leaders and even musicians echo one another in hatred: they call the Jewish people apes, spreaders of disease and perversion, and worse. Some outright call for the extermination of Jews and express their admiration for Adolf Hitler.

Unfortunately, it seems that too many people – both within and outside of our community – seem to think that we live in a world that is “post anti-Semitism,” and thus do not take seriously the vitriol so many spout against the Jewish people, failing even to see continued violence against Jews (including the recent stabbing in a New York synagogue and the attack on a visibly Jewish man also in New York City, just in the recent past) as part of a larger, alarming trend. Not only have Muslims not moved beyond anti-Semitism; society at large as not moved beyond this evil.

As we witness a rising tide of attacks on Jews worldwide – from anti-Semitic riots in Europe to attacks on Jews in Israel and even right here in the United States – we must be sure to take a vocal and uncompromising stand against anti-Semitism both when the perpetrators are from our community, and when they are not.
We at AIFD vow to stand with our Jewish friends against anti-Semitism, no matter the source and most especially within the Muslim community. We will continue to do so vigorously and without apology, recognizing that your freedom is tied to our own, and that it is our sacred duty to protect that freedom.
We invite both our Muslim brothers and sisters and our non-Muslim allies to join us in this fight. Please visit our website at to learn more about our work, subscribe to our email list, and connect with us on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Thank you.