“Critical national security issues…have been effectively banned from CPAC” due to the influence of Norquist and Khan, Weiss noted at NSAC, hence the CPAC “Uninvited” description of NSAC. Khan “speaks volumes” with his silence on Jasser and other Muslims in their struggle against Islamism, Jasser declared to NSAC per video. With Khan and Norquist, “their silence becomes an enablement” of MB, “no different than the Germans who were silent during the Nazi era,” Jasser stated at CPAC while decrying Khan’s past denial of MB in America as “absurd.” Khan’s “enablers like Grover Norquist” merited challenge in the conservative movement, Jasser’s NSAC video address stated.

A “filtering mechanism for Islamism” appeared necessary to Jasser at CPAC in light of Khan, absent which individuals like Fort Hood jihadist shooter Nidal Hasan would go undetected. The self-proclaimed Arizona “hawk on immigration” noted that most Muslim immigrants, many of them economic migrants, “do not become by virtue of living in America Jeffersonian.” Thus four mosques Jasser helped establish later became Islamist and Jasser’s encounters with Muslim Congressman Keith Ellision revealed him as “clearly an Islamist.” “There are not a lot of Zuhdi Jassers,” Weiss bemoaned while speaking next to her “hero.”

“Do their rights come from God or do they come from Islam?” was one question Jasser suggested posing to Muslims as well as asking what kind of law they would support when in the majority. Such questions were necessary to find “pious Muslims on the side of liberty” and not “declare war on a quarter of the world population.” To “pick sides within the House of Islam with those who are with us,” Jasser’s NSAC video argued, would form the “head of the spear” against Islamism. The stakes could not be higher; American freedom is an “experiment…not the norm” across human history, Weiss at NSAC warned.
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