Misguided “Million Muslim March” Won’t be just be Sparse – it’s also a Disgrace

A “Million American March Against Fear” sounds like a benign, if not positive, way to commemorate the upcoming anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. Imagine: Americans of all backgrounds and faiths joining in one voice, telling the terrorists that no, they have not won; that despite the evil our country has endured at their hands – we still stand against fear. Because they have not made us afraid, we have won.

Unfortunately, the “Million American March Against Fear” is no such event. Its title is a mere reworking of what its organizers previously called the “Million Muslim March.” Organized by the previously unknown American Muslim Political Action Committee (AMPAC), it will feature speakers from a multitude of Islamist groups (including CAIR-Los Angeles and the Muslim American Society), and is heavily supported by  9/11 “truther” groups. The group’s leader, MD Rabbi Alam, has long been known as an anti-Semitic conspiracy theorist, and his colleagues are no better. AMPAC’s national communications director, Dr. Kevin Barrett, was identified by the Anti-Defamation League as a vicious anti-Semitic proponent of 9/11 conspiracy theories. He also boasts of publications in Iranian and Russian media on his bizzare website, “Truth Jihad.”

Last night, Dr. Jasser debated Christopher Phillips, who has previously been quite active with Occupy Wall Street and its affiliates. Last evening, he was representing AMPAC. In a stunning display, Mr. Phillips was unable to unequivocally deny the problematic nature of the group organizing the demonstration on September 11.  When asked about AMPAC’s troublesome history as advocates of 9/11 “truther” theories and proponents of anti-Semitic rhetoric, Phillips dodged questions, shouted illogical responses, and seemed shocked and offended to be asked about his own group and its leadership. Most revealing of all, when asked if groups like Hamas and Hezbollah were welcome at his event, Phillips replied: “everyone is invited.” His only condition was that the event itself not be violent. It seems that AMPAC chose Mr. Phillips to represent them on national television to communicate that theirs is no longer an explicitly “Muslim march.” What was communicated, however, is that their event is just as offensive  as we first believed. (See Dr. Jasser commenting further on the event here.)

If AMPAC sought to demonstrate against fear, it would organize a demonstration against those who intend to strike terror into the hearts of innocent people by protesting the ideology of Nidal Hasan, whose trial is currently underway in Texas; or join those of us who address, honestly and openly, the cause of radicalization that lead to the terrorist attacks in Boston in April of this year. They would demonstrate in solidarity with Christians in Egypt who have seen their places of worship and their businesses destroyed by vigilantes who plunder and burn while screaming the name of our God. We have repeatedly seen Muslim Brotherhood legacy groups refuse to address these issues (and demonize us for doing so). Now we see some of their leadership trickling to attend AMPAC’s circus on the Hill.

To the American Muslim Political Action Committee, we say: America already stands against fear. We do this by protecting the American values of liberty and freedom, of truth and resilience in the face of terror. We do this by fighting the very ideology which attacked us on September 11, 2001 and again on April 15, 2013 – and which has sought to attack us countless times in between and after. We stand against terror, against anti-Semitism, and against the toxic ideology you have claimed will bring a “million Muslims” to the capital of this great nation. We take heart, knowing this will not happen – and we remain steadfast in our condemnation of your event, your ideology, and your goals.

To watch the video of Dr. Jasser debating Chris Phillips of the American Muslim Political Action Committee: