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8/9/2018: WWBD/Middle East Forum – Muslim Brotherhood’s Islamist ideology is weakening America, and I discuss why they need to be classified as a terrorist organization.

September 7, 2018/by AIFD

8/31/2018: “An Impending Massacre in Idlib Syria: History is Watching!”

August 31, 2018/by AIFD

8/20: NRA TV – Political Islam: The main obstacle that stands in the way of Islamic reform

August 22, 2018/by AIFD

8/18/2018: Roy Green: Reaction to issues raised by Maxime Bernier’s tweets

August 21, 2018/by AIFD

8/15/2018: Fox & Friends – Judge grants bail to ‘Jihadi compound’ suspects in absurd ruling.

August 15, 2018/by Mischel Yosick

8/14/2018: Evening Edit: MSM Meltdown: Turkey’s currency collapse due to threat of U.S. sanctions or years of mismanagement

August 15, 2018/by Mischel Yosick

8/14/2018: Revolution in Aspen

August 14, 2018/by Mischel Yosick

8/8/2018: WWDB – Dr. Jasser discussing the Muslim Brotherhood on Middle East Forum

August 9, 2018/by Mischel Yosick

8/6/2018: FBN Evening Edit – Will the Iranian people support the re-imposing of U.S. sanctions?

August 7, 2018/by Mischel Yosick

7/24/2018: Evening Edit: Iranian people & U.S. will not stay silent about Iranian government’s many abuses

July 24, 2018/by Mischel Yosick

7/11/2018: AIFD Congressional testimony before: The House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, Subcommittee on National Security “The Muslim Brotherhood’s Global Threat”

July 11, 2018/by Mischel Yosick

7/1/2018: Fox & Friends: A discussion of how Justice Kennedy’s retirement affects religious freedom and other important issues.

July 9, 2018/by Mischel Yosick

7/7/2018: Steel on Steel: Muslim reformation: Muslims in western countries must lead the reform effort

July 9, 2018/by Mischel Yosick

7/1/2018: Fox & Friends discussing How the retirement of a Supreme Court Justice affects religious freedom & other important issues

July 5, 2018/by Mischel Yosick

6/20/2018: U.N. Human Rights Council: U.S. will not legitimize global dictators & their human rights abuses

June 21, 2018/by Mischel Yosick

Sec. of State Pompeo vows to ‘crush’ Iran if they don’t comply with new terms of #IranDeal

June 13, 2018/by Mischel Yosick

6/1/2018 U.S. will not be beholden to China as North Korea Summit is back on

June 13, 2018/by Mischel Yosick

6/5/2018 Fred Fleitz’s appointment to the National Security Council

June 13, 2018/by Mischel Yosick

6/7/2018: BDS mvmt threatens soccer player, causing match to cancel…validates behavior for political gains

June 13, 2018/by Mischel Yosick

Why A “Ritual Nick” Is a Smoke Screen for Female Genital Mutilation

June 1, 2018/by Mischel Yosick

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