Ramadan Kareem from AIFD

Ramadan wallpaper6

This week, Muslims around the world will begin our observance of the holy month of Ramadan. During this month, all who are physically and mentally able to do so will abstain from both food and drink from sunrise until sunset.

This fast is not one of sorrow, but of thankfulness: Ramadan reminds us to give thanks for our blessings, while keeping the suffering in our prayers and doing what we can to help them.

Each Ramadan, we at AIFD are keenly aware of the sanctity and safety of this great nation which we call home, and which gives us the comfort and freedom to sincerely engage in the humble spiritual renewal that is Ramadan.

This Ramadan, just as we do every year, we also reaffirm our commitment to advocate for those persecuted on the basis of their faith or their choice to reject religion; those suffering from gender and honor-based violence; and to take action to end these injustices. We remain committed to ending the suffering of those who remain suffering in Syria, and in other places where the diseases of fascism or of theocracy keep innocents oppressed.

We honor and hold sacred the fact that Ramadan symbolizes equality among Muslims. For all those who fast out of free will and with sincere intention, we find common goodness and reward in it.

We are blessed to take this opportunity to wish Muslims worldwide a blessed and safe Ramadan, and a spiritually fulfilling fast.