06/07/2014 In Response to Attack on Jewish Center, Southern Poverty Law Center Releases Report Attacking Jews, Defending Hamas

Source: Frontpage Mag 

After Frazier Glenn Cross, an anti-Semite who repeatedly quoted fanatical left-wing anti-Semite Max Blumenthal, launched an attack  near a Jewish community center, the Southern Poverty Law Center rushed to cover up and lie on behalf of Blumenthal.

The SPLC claimed falsely that Blumenthal “does not despise Israel” when even the Forward, a left-wing paper, describes him calling for the ethnic cleansing of its Jewish population.

Now the SPLC, a profitable mail order enterprise operating under the guise of a civil rights group, exploited the very anti-Semitic attack it tried to cover up by attacking Jews.

The targets of its “White Homicide” intelligence report, even though the victims in the Cross case were also white, include David Horowitz, as the SPLC defaults to one of its favorite obsessions, Islamophobia.

What does any of this have to do with the Frazier Glenn Cross shootings? Nothing. The SPLC, as even most liberals know, is a profitable mail order operation that piggybacks on any incident to roll out its usual sloppy and poorly researched screeds. It is however particularly insulting that it is exploiting an anti-Semitic incident it lied about it… in order to attack Horowitz, myself and other Jews.

The Southern Poverty Law Center’s White Homicide report is, true to form, a scattershot collection of drive by attacks. Its targets include Homicide star Richard Belzer (also Jewish) for spreading JFK conspiracy theories, Rush Limbaugh and former Saturday Night Live star Victoria Jackson.

The basis for the SPLC’s attack on Horowitz was a discredited report from the Center for American Progress by Wajahat Ali, an Islamist who was on record as targeting Muslim reformers like Irshad Manji and Zuhdi Jasser with nasty slurs. Ali was on the board of the MSA, which his report and the SPLC attacks Horowitz for condemning.

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