O’Reilly Factor-Muslim Community divided over FBI role in Portland Terror Arrest

Dr.Jasser debates Muhammad Ali Hasan (Muslims for America) on the FBI’s role in the recent Portland arrest of Mohamud.(Note toward the end of the clip, Dr. Jasser’s comment asking not to be interrupted is intended for Ali Hassan, not Bill O’Reilly).

The O’Reilly Factor- “Death Row for Blasphemy in Pakistan- Islamic Law

Bill speaks to Zuhdi Jasser, AIFD President and Brigitte Gabriel about two recent arrests in Pakistan for blasphemy against Islam. They discuss the implications for Muslims in Pakistan and around the world.

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Engage young Muslims in developing Muslim led solutions toward a modern liberty-based paradigm of Islam. We hope to provide young Muslims alternative venues for conversations and ideas that empower opportunities for reform that addresses their faith-based challenges in a rapidly modernizing world. We will advocate for that reform through the separation of mosque and state and the importance of an American national identity based in universal freedom over one based in political Islam.

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O’Reilly Factor-Muslim Community divided over FBI role in Portland Terror Arrest (TRANSCRIPT)

O’Reilly Factor-Muslim Community divided over FBI role in Portland Terror Arrest- 12/2/10

Video here

Bill O’Reilly: Factor follow up segment tonight. 19 year old Mohamed Hasan Mohamud remains in in federal custody tonight charged with attempting to set off a weapon of mass destruction in Oregon. Th FBI says, Mohamed wanted to kill innocent people on Portland’s Pioneer Square as part of the Muslim jihad. The case is controversial because the FBI used a sting and has caused some division within the American Muslim community itself. Joining us now from Denver Muhammad Ali Hasan the cofounder of Muslims for America, and from Phoenix Arizona Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, President of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy. So Dr. to begin with you. Do you believe the FBI did the right thing here and how should Muslim Americans react?

Zuhdi Jasser: I can’t tell you how much I appreciate what the FBI did and I’ll tell you, our organization was formed on supporting the Constitution against the threat of ideologies like Political Islam. In this case the focus on entrapment is simply claiming victimhood. They are trying to deflect responsibility. It’s a smokescreen. Because they don’t want to look at the fact that this kid, 19 years old had a radicalization pattern over years. He was reaching out to Pakistan, to jihadists. The FBI did not put those ideas in his head. They simply became trusted by him and were able to make a conviction. And recently it’s been reported that there has not been one example of an acquittal because of entrapment. So this is all deflection. I’ll tell you. Muslims that focus on this entrapment are actually feeding into the ideology of the jihadists that tells them that America is against them and America is against Muslims and Islam. They should have rallies in Portland supporting the FBI and thanking them for doing the work that Muslims should be doing. We should be taking the offense as Muslims and not just bellyaching.

Bill O’Reilly: All right. Mr. Hasan. You disagree with that why?

Hasan: Well the problem I have with Dr. Jasser is that, I’ve got documentation here fro m the top three Muslim groups ISNA CAIR and MPAC when you look at them, ISNA right now is running a workshop to get American Muslims hired by the Homeland Security Department, ahhh, MPAC has a page, they’ve had a program for 5 years now connecting the FBI with mosques. It’s been very successful and CAIR has a page where they list FBI information and they encourage Muslims to report suspicious activity. This is Dr. Jasser’s group, the American Islamic Forum for Democracy, This is their page. There is nothing here for resources linking Muslims to the FBI, CIA or Homeland Security, this is the volunteer page. The thing that Jasser is asking for most is help with marketing and help with fundraising. So I think Dr. Jasser is being a double talking hypocrite to assume that American Muslims aren’t involved in trying to stop terror.

Bill O’Reilly: Now hold on a minute you are attacking the man personally.

Hasan: He’s the only group that does not help connect Muslims with the FBI.

Bill O’Reilly: Knock it off. No personal attacks read my lips. Dr. Jasser thinks Muslim Americans should go to Portland and publicly thank the FBI, do you believe that?

Hasan: Bill, I do believe that. But we have to remember, this man was turned in by his own father who’s a fellow American Muslim which Dr. Jasser does not recognize. And again, I’m going to get back to these groups, ISNA, MPAC, and CAIR are all demonstrating strong relationships with the FBI and CIA. Dr. Jasser’s group is not doing that. I think it is wrong for Dr. Jasser..He’s double talking with his group.

Bill O’Reilly: Nobody is casting aspersions on any Muslim Americans. Now look. This is about Muslim reaction to yet another young man charged with a very serious crime. All right if you read the affidavit he was willing to go to Pioneer Square during a Christmas tree lighting ceremony and kill women and children so how is the American Muslim community going to react. Now I’m heartened and I think it’s a good thing that both of you agree that the FBI did it’s job.

Jasser: What Ali is doing clearly is that he’s using these groups whose programs really don’t mean anything. Homegrown terrorism is more of a threat today than it’s been at any time. Mr. Leiter today from the National Counterterrorism Center said that one of these is going to get through. So it’s not an issue of entrapment. You are avoiding the ideology. (crosstalk). You do not want to deal with the fact that we have to reform within our faith community. You talk about communicating with the FBI. Our organization’s website is about internal change that is our problem.

Bill O’Reilly: Dr. You do not have to defend your organization on this program. I will tell you two things. It’s not fair of you to criticize CAIR because CAIR isn’t fostering any kind of jihad. #2 Mr. Hasan I think that there has been, there has been in the past a silence that most Americans recognize from the American Muslim community and Dr. Jasser has spoken out about this that Americans say where are you guys? We want you to condemn Jihad louder- like me. I’m giving you the last word Mr. Hasan. Go.

Hasan: I appreciate the last word Bill. I don’t know what more you want Muslim groups to do. They are providing resources. They are recruiting Muslims to join homeland security. CAIR has a page encouraging people to call the FBI. MPAC has a program for.. (crosstalk)

Bill O’Reilly: Public rallies across the country would be a first step. You ask me a question I’m giving you an answer. Get out there, show the American people.

Hasan: You know I think they’re doing terrific work.

Jasser: They are not fighting the ideas of political Islam.