A blessed Eid al-Adha and Yom Kippur from AIFD

To all of our Muslim friends, members, and supporters: we at the American Islamic Forum for Democracy (AIFD) wish you a most Blessed Eid al-Adha (Holiday of the Sacrifice).

May this holiday inspire us to increase our awareness of and gratitude for the many blessings we have been given – as well as the enormous responsibility we have to serve and aid others.

This year marks yet another Eid al-Adha on which the people of Syria are sacrificing all they have for freedom. Meanwhile, the cancer of political Islam is at perhaps its most alarming level yet, as the so-called “Islamic State” and its supporters kill and maim both Muslims and non-Muslims. As we honor Eid al-Adha this year, may we remember all of those struggling for freedom and against tyranny, and not just keep them in our prayers – but also take action to support them in the fight against evil.

To our Jewish friends and supporters: we wish to offer you blessings of peace and meaningful reflection for Yom Kippur. On this, the holiest day of the Jewish calendar, we honor your commitment to seek G-d’s forgiveness while fasting. The fast of Yom Kippur, which follows guidelines similar to our fasts for the holy month of Ramadan, as well as the confluence of these holy days between our faiths remind us that what we share as descendants of Abraham can serve as a powerful and tangible reminder of how strong we can be when we work together for a better world. Just as Yom Kippur is preceded by 10 holy days and worship during the Jewish calendar’s lunar month of Tishrei, so too is Eid Al-Adha preceded by 10 days that commemorate the Hajj (pilgrimage) during the Muslim calendar’s lunar month of Dhu-al-Hijja. All Muslims must perform the Hajj to Mecca at least once in their lives, provided they are financially and physically able.

May we, as brothers and sisters in humanity, reflect upon the example of the confluence of these holiest of days to grow closer to each other and to our Creator, and seize this opportunity to recommit ourselves to the universal values of human rights, individual liberty, and love for all mankind – just as the best of our faiths ask of us.