5/29/2017: AIFD Memorial Day Message

AIFD wishes Muslims “Ramadan Kareem”

The American Islamic Forum for Democracy (AIFD) wishes our fellow Muslims around the world a blessed and fulfilling Ramadan and that you find abundant spiritual fulfillment this holy month.


The observation of Ramadan is meant to encourage thankfulness, awareness of our blessings, and to foster compassion. It is also a time of charity, spiritual contemplation, and fellowship.


This year, as we do every year, we hold in our thoughts and prayers all of those who are hungry not out of religious observance, but because they do not have enough to eat; those who are marginalized and forgotten; those whose health (physical or mental) prohibits them from fasting; those who do not have family with which to break their fasts and celebrate the blessings of Ramadan; those who are serving our country domestically and abroad; those who are struggling with their faith; and all those whose lives have been touched by horrific violence. We hold Manchester and Jakarta in our hearts and prayers and we continue to extend our love, prayers, and work to end the genocide in Syria.


Wherever you are in your faith journey, we invite you to join us in a commitment to continue challenging the systems of oppression which subjugate both Muslims and non-Muslims, and to fast from any complacency or fear you may experience in your commitment to resist Islamism and its ills.


As we break our fasts tonight, the first night of Ramadan, we will thank and ask God for protection for both Muslims and non-Muslims around the world who hunger for mercy, for compassion and for justice. May our Ramadan increase our faith, our mindfulness, and our sense of community.


5/24/2017: M. Zuhdi Jasser, M.D. joins Newsmax TV, America Talks Live to talk about the ideology of the Manchester bomber.