{AIFD Commentary} “Understanding Hamas’ collective suicide mission- why now, and why at all?”, M Zuhdi Jasser, October 13, 2023

Hamas’ war on Israel


As “protests” now rage today across the Middle East, with these jihadi demonstrations, there is full clarity about WHY #Hamas launched a horrific, genocidal and suicidal mission against the Jewish people of the state of Israel. This is about a global religious war for the Islamist caliphate ambitions. Islamists divide the world into the “Land of Islam” ( Dar-Al-Islam) and “Land of War” (Dar Al-Harb). Full stop.

The regional and global triangular battle between Islamist movements and Arab dictators and the West hatched in 2011 is now reopened and redeclared. Chaos, death, and disruption are the kindling for jihadi global growth as they seek realization of the Caliphate and Dar-Al-Islam.

The why NOW? is due to the feckless, weakness of the Biden administration appeasement policies across the region from Hamas to Iran and Afghanistan which gave jihadis a green light they needed to make their end of times eschatology relevant again. They saw America as no longer having the will to defend our ally Israel or defend freedom. That’s why October 2023.

But the overarching WHY at all, why suicidality against certain destruction by the Israeli power is because the Palestinian Islamists were increasingly irrelevant and have with these evil acts of war, aggression, and terror brought themselves back to the fore front and center of global Islamist leadership rendered irrelevant by the Abraham Accords, irrelevant by populist revolutions in many Muslim majority nations, and their populist rejection of Islamism. This is the WHY of their nihilistic war this week that the West must understand and finally develop a strategy against with the likes of our Muslim Reform Movement to counter their global #jihad from within.

The Islamists and Marxists are trying to destroy us from within, shouldn’t we deploy the same against them?

As we now first decimate Hamas once and for all, if we don’t have an active frontal anti-Islamist counter-information arm to counter #Islamist supremacy and #jihad from within, it will come back and grow even stronger with or without Hamas, or as we see today on the Arab streets they have, with or without ISIS, or with or without Al Qaeda.

Jihad is the actual defined enemy.

Yes. Execute and Win this war now in the short term against Hamas, against the jihadi enemies of civilization. But, for the love of God and the free world and civilization, finally develop a potent strategy against Islamism.

It is long time overdue to develop a lasting long term strategy against global #jihad and global #Islamism in the Arab and Muslim streets domestically and abroad. Jihadis wait out our fickle quixotic election cycles and return again and again to slaughter innocents and rekindle their mass hysteria, as we return to domestic distractions which their Red-Green Axis sows.

It is time to to anchor the West from America to Israel against all forms of Islamism (political Islam) and defeat this ideology once and for all in this generation.


Zuhdi Jasser

{AIFD Commentary} “Hamas’ war on Israel”, Center for Security Policy, October 9, 2023

Hamas’ war on Israel

Center for Security Policy

By M Zuhdi Jasser, MD

October 9, 2023

This Saturday, my mind went back to September 11, 2001. I well recall that day that Israel’s Bibi Netanyahu said, “Today, we are all Americans”. And I recall how important that was to hear back then. Today, I would like to say, “We are all Israelis’.

Make no mistake: this past Saturday the people of Israel were massively and unjustifiably attacked by the Islamist terror organization, Hamas, a movement owing its potency to Iran.

In fact, a spokesman for Hamas thanked Iran while a spokesman for the Iran Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) said, “I promise that you will be victorious and you were faithful to your promise and to the enemy.” Grandmothers were kidnapped, women were raped and unarmed civilians were slaughtered. Over 700 Israelis were savagely killed and over 1500 have been injured with over 50 hostages known thus far.

But you wouldn’t know that from the supposed ‘umbrella’ organization of American Muslims, the United States Council of Muslim Organizations (USCMO), which only one day after the slaughter, “reaffirms its unwavering support for the Palestinian people” and railed against, “the unprovoked and continuous attacks by Israel.” When you see people like this around the world exploiting and celebrating slaughter, know that this is not about Israel. It’s about civilization itself.

It is crucial in all this we see the key players in all this, Iran and the global network of Shia and Sunni Islamists. They are the puppet masters and the Palestinians are puppets-turned-cannon fodder for their genocidal ambitions. History will look back at the six billion dollar ransom paid to Iran and authorized by the Biden administration on the anniversary of September 11th this year, a mere month ago. This was collective madness by Biden and his administration.

Yes, President Biden has overseen the further bankrolling of Iran, which, in turn, bankrolls Hamas, which has just now turned the Mid-East into a cauldron of war. President Biden is also responsible for turning hundreds of millions of dollars over to the Yasser Arafat-created Fatah-controlled Palestinian Authority.

Commentaries that include tired, worn-out phrases like “cycle of violence,” “both sides,” “calls for ceasefire,” “proportionality,” and a “two-state solution” are now beyond offensive to anyone with a moral compass and liberty-minded world view. The people of Israel have not even had an opportunity to defend themselves after a launch of a massive terror attack and the apologists for the Hamas Islamist terror organization are already in full propaganda (pro-terror) mode.

The true radical, un-American, antisemitic colors of the radical progressives and Islamist apologists in the Democratic party are now on full display from Ilhan Omar (D-MN), Cori Bush (D-MO), Rashida Tlaib (D-MI), Alexandria Ocasio-Cortes (D-NY) and beyond, speaking as they do on behalf of intransigent Palestinian claims.

Ironically, perhaps the most irrelevant people to the hate-mongering radical Islamists of Hamas are the Palestinians.

Saturday’s unilateral initiation of war by Hamas is part of a greater, regional operation driven and fueled directly by Iran’s terror supporting IRGC and Khomeinists and cheered on by the global Islamist movement from Qatar, the Taliban, the Muslim Brotherhood, Hezbollah, and Erdogan’s Turkey to just begin.

It is undeniable that this Islamist war of aggression is about unvarnished Jew-hatred and more substantively about negating the recent moves towards the normalization of non-Islamist Arabs and Muslims in the region via the growing Abraham Accords with Israel.

I call on all people of conscience, especially my fellow Muslims, to reject the tribal savagery of Hamas. Anyone of conscience must reject a world whose stock in trade is the abuse of civility and civilization. Some may want to live in that world of perpetual hate, but sadism is not the world of the decent. A world that slaughters indiscriminately and parades a woman naked through the streets is a world we all must reject and fight.

Today, Israel is suffering. The only democracy in the Middle East is suffering, and all those who believe in civilization, in tolerance, in freedom, must make a full throated and clear stand on this, on behalf of humanity.

In short, the United States I know and love is the United States that stands against evil acts and ideologies and marshals the rest of the civilized community to do the same. It’s been too long since we’ve done that. Our ally, Israel, is paying that price today.