AIFD Briefer: Connecting the Dots of Islamism-Jibril Hough, the Islamic Political Party of America (IPPA), and the Jamaat al-Muslimeen (JAM)

The following briefer is intended most specifically to provide some public source information in one location on the ideologies of local Charlotte Muslim leader, Jibril Hough. This will give easy access to central public players in the Charlotte Muslim community that led to the town hall meeting with Congresswoman Sue Myrick (R-NC). While this is by no means all inclusive, it will serve as a point of departure in discussing the realities of Mr. Hough and his relevant colleagues with regards to their positions and ideologies. This briefer is especially important in light of AIFD’s participation in the February 25th Charlotte Town Hall and the unfathomable deference which all Muslims present at the Town Hall gave Mr. Hough.

[MEDIA UPDATE: The Keith Larson Show (3/8/10 at 10AM EST) NewsTalk 1100 AM WBT in Charlotte, NC, featured an interview with Dr. Zuhdi Jasser and midway through Jibril Hough calls in for what evolves into a very revealing debate about Hough’s ideologies. The 45 min interview can be downloaded here.]


Last month, after a few meetings in late 2009 with Congresswoman Sue Myrick (R-NC), Jibril Hough, official spokesperson for the Islamic Center of Charlotte (ICC) along with the colleagues he represents, requested a public ‘Muslim’ Town Hall. They wanted to discuss in a public forum concerns they had regarding Rep. Myrick’s approach to Islamist radicalism. Rep. Myrick obliged, and scheduled the public town hall as part of her ‘Conversation with America’.

It was held on February 25, 2010 with the close attention of most local media outlets in Charlotte and some national attention due to the high profile nature of Rep. Myrick’s leadership as the co-chair of the Anti-Terror Caucus of the House of Representatives. However, as is typical of most media coverage on American Muslim issues, it was predictably soft on the salient issues of radicalization, political Islam, and separatism, and heavy on fanning the flames of Muslim victimology (Charlotte Observer, Channel 14, Channel 36 WCNC).

The Muslim Town Hall, was a two hour event held at the Government Center in Charlotte. There were around 200 in attendance, most of whom were Muslim. Rep. Myrick opened with the Pledge of Allegiance and a brief discussion on the principles all Americans are sworn to uphold including most importantly our U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights, and the core principles of religious freedom for all. She then turned it over to the audience for questions.

The two hour session did prove to be a profoundly revealing exposure of the real ideologies of leading Muslims in Charlotte, in North Carolina, and nationally. The American Islamic Forum for Democracy was invited by Rep. Myrick to provide some ‘Muslim’ balance to the repetitive narrative of local Islamists which proved to dominate the Town Hall save the cogent responses from Cong. Myrick. The discussion centered on issues related to Muslims, Islam, Islamism, Terrorism, radicalism, shar’iah, CAIR, and the threat of radical Islam in America.

The full audio of the event is available online at the AIFD website at the following links. (video links will be provided once available)

Introductions and Q & A (Part 1 of Muslim Town Hall)

Q & A (Part 2 of Muslim Town Hall)

Comments by Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, AIFD President (Part 3 of Muslim Town Hall)

Comments by Hedieh Mirahmedi, WORDE President (Part 4 of Muslim Town Hall)

One would have hoped that the other voices of Charlotte Muslims less often heard than the ones who spoke at the event would have taken the opportunity to speak and be heard, but for the most part it appeared that the veteran anointed ones spoke up.

Relevant to this discussion is not only the substance of the town hall discussion itself, but an analysis of the background, connections, and ideologies of the spokesperson for the ICC, Jibril Hough, who led this Town Hall effort. The fact that the Muslims present gave Mr. Hough deference as their leader cannot help but speak to the ideology of all Muslims present. For not only does the local ICC mosque give him the leadership as spokesperson, but as can be heard loud and clear, no one except for one individual of Iranian descent stood up to differ with him at all on any of his ideas. This is a pattern. Looking through Charlotte media, none have publicly disagreed with him in the media on his ideas or background for years-all very germane to this discussion.

Hough’s ideologies are relevant since the local Charlotte media has also readily accepted the anointment of Hough and his colleagues as the political leaders for what they repeatedly, wrongly, and exploitatively called the “Muslim community”– as if it was a singular definable entity that met and elected their local imam and spokesperson Jibril Hough of ICC Charlotte.

1. Hough opens the Charlotte Muslim Town Hall

The February 25th Town Hall was chaired by Cong. Sue Myrick. After her opening remarks, Jibril Hough, the anointed leader of Muslims present opened with these comments, [audio file available here]

“There is an idea of infiltration that some people like to feed out that Muslims are out to take over America and enforce Shar’iah law on non-Muslims. As citizens of a non-Muslim country and as American Muslims, we have a contract with America and not a contract on America. This means that we must abide by the laws of this state and we cannot be at war with this state. Are there cases where Muslims are working towards creating laws that would help us practice our religion more freely and more openly, be it a halal food bill law, or nondiscriminatory laws where ladies can wear the headscarf without being discriminated against, or we can take our holidays off work or things like that. Yes, Muslims are working towards that. But this would in no way mandate these things on non-Muslims. It would just make it easier for us. In all honesty these are the only things we are working towards. I know of no Islamofascist agenda per se like that. So please don’t fear any Muslims you may see in government working towards these things because I’m in contact with Keith Ellison who is a Muslim who is a Congressperson. But he has a very diverse district. And he works with many people. Some things that he works for some on the far right of Islam might even argue that he shouldn’t even be supporting those people but he does. So this is what we are doing as American Muslims. I do know that Rep. Myrick has mentioned the idea of infiltration. And I would just like to give her the opportunity to speak to that. Who are these Muslims or radicals that are in a position of government that we should be concerned about because as a Muslim like I said, this is my country I am concerned with those too. But if they are not doing that we need to make clear that, that is not their agenda. So if you could speak to that.”

[AIFD Note] While, Dr. Jasser, AIFD President, did respond to this in his remarks at the end of the Town Hall in Charlotte, these remarks by Jibril Hough to Cong. Myrick, the audience, and the media sets the stage well for a review of Hough’s connections and ideologies. They are extraordinarily revealing. He expects Americans to be reassured that his “Muslims” have a contract with America so there is no threat since this is not a “Muslim nation”. He conveniently avoids discussing what exactly a “Muslim” nation would be and how different his “Muslim” nation’s governance and laws would be from our U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights and legal foundations. Thus, basically it still seems quite clear from these comments that all bets are off and this so-called contract is null and void if America becomes a “Muslim nation”. This is the exact language and rationale of the Muslim Brotherhood, its spiritual leaders like Imam Yusuf Qaradawi, and Islamist movements in general.

So, Hough may deny membership or support of the MB, but these comments are right out of their playbook. AIFD is profoundly offended by these comments as Americans and especially as Muslims since this gentleman claims to speak for Muslims. He states, we “must abide by the laws of the state and cannot be at war with the state.” Note the deep seeded separatism in this ‘we’ mindset. Basically he is saying that this system of laws is not his or the Muslims he represents but they will follow it-for now. He expects Americans to be reassured that his only goal is special rights with regards to Halal food, holidays, and dress laws. In fact his only exclusion is that they would “in no way mandate those things on non-Muslims.” So he would like to mandate this on Muslims? Hough’s comments are typical of Islamists who are separatists and seek to ultimately create legal systems that are not one law based in reason, but rather separate legal paths for each faith. This is at the core of political Islam and the MB agenda.

Hough then feigned ignorance when speaking about infiltration and yet, what is it called when an individual like himself leads a group which follows the laws of the land but is working towards creating a majority which when in power would put into place shar’iah law and a legal system which is diametrically opposed to the core legal system of our republic and the Establishment Clause. He never responded to that central existential threat of political Islam.

2. Jibril Hough insists it’s a war against Islam

Jibril told Channel 14 News in Charlotte that “We are constantly told that this is not a war against Islam and if it truly isn’t – which I believe religion probably plays a small part in this war – but if it truly is not against Islam, they would stop using religious intimidation,” said IPPA chairman Jibril Hough. (2005). Channel 14.

[AIFD Note]: This propaganda that Americans are in a war against Islam and Muslims is one of the central ideas in the Al Qaeda, radical Islamist narrative which is used to gain recruits and radicalize American Muslims. Major Nidal Hasan was exposed to that narrative and internalized it as it drove him to then act violently against his fellow soldiers and murder his colleagues who he ultimately felt were part of a nation and military dedicated to killing Muslims. Hough’s mindset and that of other Islamist groups is that the ‘religious intimidation’ is real and rather than teach impressionable youth to trust and join our military to keep us safe, he spreads this propaganda along with Islamist groups like CAIR teaching them that it seems to often be a war against Muslim and Islam. This schizophrenic response is profoundly radicalizing for Muslims not grounded in a love for our American system, government, and liberty.

3. Hough and the IPPA

Jibril has always associated himself with the IPPA. As recent as 2008, Hough has presented himself as head of IPPA North Carolina. An IPPA homepage statement reads:

“We, the Islamic Political Party of America (IPPA) acknowledge ALLAH as the Sovereign Creator of the universe, who has entrusted to humanity the right and responsibility to rule over the affairs of the world. We solemnly declare that the foundation of our political positions and moving principles of our political activity is our full submission to the will of ALLAH and acknowledgement that Muhammad Ibn Abdullah is the Last Messenger of ALLAH (pbuh) and we find in him the best of conduct for the affairs of mankind. We hereby appeal to ALLAH for mercy, aid, comfort, guidance and his protection as we work to restore and preserve this Nation as a government of the People, by the People, and for the People…” [source,]

The website further states, “Let it Be Known…Allah is our Lord! Muhammad (Sall Allahu ‘alaihi wa salaam) is His Messenger and our Rasool! Islam is our way of life! The United States of America is our country! Freedom is our right!” [source,]

This reads very much like the mantra of the Muslim Brotherhood. Proving again that various flavors of political Islam are just that variations on the exact same theme-the supremacy of the Islamic state and shar’iah over all other forms of government and peoples.

The IPPA had several representatives at a conference of the radical Jamaat al-Muslimeen (JAM-discussed in more depth below). According to JAM,

“IPPA’s message was delivered by Dr. Suhir Ahmed, National Coordinator of IPPA She spoke of the Federal Government’s attempts to implement “terrorist” profiling, targeting Muslims, Arabs and other racial and ethnic groups. IPPA is calling for organizations and individuals to form a coalition that will open a forum to address government and congressional officials on profiling which damages constitutional and civil rights.”

The IPPA is physically based out of North Carolina and close to Hough:

National Headquarters, The Islamic Political Party of America ( IPPA ), 1101 Tyvola Rd., Charlotte, N.C. 28217-3515

(an acti
e website of the organization) Albany

 Here is the IPPA statement of principles from 2005

We, the Islamic Political Party of America (IPPA) acknowledge ALLAH as the Sovereign Creator of the universe, who has entrusted to humanity the right and responsibility to rule over the affairs of the world. We solemnly declare that the foundation of our political positions and moving principles of our political activity is our full submission to the will of ALLAH and acknowledgement that Muhammad Ibn Abdullah is the Last Messenger of ALLAH (pbuh) and we find in him the best of conduct for the affairs of mankind. We hereby appeal to ALLAH for mercy, aid, comfort, guidance and his protection as we work to restore and preserve this Nation as a government of the People, by the People, and for the People. We commit ourselves to this nation to uphold a leadership of integrity, righteous conduct and moral character, and to administer its tasks with a prudent spirit. We adhere to a moral philosophy that is based upon the Word of Allah and the traditions of His beloved Holy Last Messenger (pbuh) and measure the interpretation of our policies against the prerequisites of Islamic standards. We affirm the principles of inherent individual rights upon which these United States of America were founded and seek to give the Muslims in America a voice in matters crucial to the future of this society. Our primary goal is focused on the general public good when participating in local, state and national elections and to that end we believe: That ALLAH endows each individual with certain unalienable rights; that among these are the rights to Life, Liberty, Property and the Pursuit of happiness; That the legitimate function of government is to secure these rights through the preservation of domestic tranquility, the maintenance of a strong national defense, and the promotion of equal justice for all; That the Islamic principles, values and norms represented by IPPA are the proper foundation for personal freedom, national unity, reconciliation, justice, peace, and security; that the goal of a multiracial leadership arising from diverse political backgrounds, united behind common principles is to bring hope to this nation; That critical issues such as poverty, security, housing, education, health care, land ownership, and foreign policy are key planks in our political platform; that a vibrant open market economy, creating opportunities for all to prosper is an element in our program; and That the development of the party can be achieved through the empowerment of grassroots communities and the individual. thus, our intent is to call on all faithful, loyal, American Muslims who love Liberty and have gathered together for the purpose of fulfilling these ideals, and value their inherent rights, to join with us in the pursuit of these goals and in the restoration of these founding principles. Let it Be Known..Allah is our Lord! * Muhammad (Sall Allahu ‘alaihi wa salaam) is His Messenger and our Rasool! * Islam is our way of life! * The United States of America is our country! * Freedom is our right!

IPPA is connected closely with the Jamaat al-Muslimeen and considers the American system kafir (of unbelief, rejecting God, quite contrary to the words out of Hough’s lips at the Charlotte Town Hall in his supposed contract with America). Siddiqui’s JAM’s New Trend magazine quotes the following from the IPPA in their magazine:

“The June 24 meeting was attended by representatives of IPPA to observe the proceedings of Jamaat’s Shoora and to come up with suggestions for cooperation between the two organizations. In a forceful presentation, the IPPA representative said that formation of a political party does not mean that we are getting involved with the kafir system (rejecting God, unbelief). We are simply trying to ensure that Muslims are not denied their rights in the realm of politics. The USA is our country and we must ensure that we are not denied whatever is good in this country. The message of the Islamic Political Party is: Allah is our Lord! Muhammad (pbuh) is His Messenger and our Prophet!Islam is our way of life! The United States of America is our country! Freedom is our right! The IPPA has reportedly 9 chapters. or write to: IPPA, 1101 Tyvola Rd., Charlotte, NC 28217-3515″

In October 2004, Ron Chepesiuk of the Lebanese Daily Star reported that the Islamic Political Party of America (IPPA) was becoming very active and stated the following,

“Party officials are excited about the party’s potential to play a seminal role both in the Muslim American community and national, state and local politics. But they plan to move slowly to build a base to ensure the party as a viable political entity. At their National Platform Conference some party officials talked about running a candidate in the 2008 elections.” Abdur-Rashid told the Daily Star, that anyone can join the party, so long as they “believe in one God, Allah, and follow the teachings of Prophet Muhammed.” “The party hopes to build alliances with non-Muslim political groups,” he said. “We will work with a non-Muslim group so long as they agree with our principles. At the moment, IPPA’s Charlotte chapter has about 100 members, but at least 10,000 traditional and indigenous Muslims are living in the city,” Hough revealed. “Could you imagine what kind of impact we Muslims would have at the local level if we are organized as a group.

[AIFD Note] In fact this IPPA is the archetypal manifestation of political Islam and its deep seeded separatist movement which ultimately seeks to empower Islamic laws and create an Islamic state where Muslims are a majority. Hough’s leadership in this organization and what it actually means is bizarrely ignored in most media coverage of him. He was no small actor in this group. He was their chairman. Members can only be Muslim and they will only work with groups which agree to their principles. This is hardly American principles of political participation. In fact AIFD’s principles of the separation of mosque and state and political pluralism blind to faith stand in stark contrast to this separatism (Islamism) and it is in fact this separatism which is the root cause of Islamist terror. Where is the media in revealing Hough’s ideology?

His joint participation and leadership in the IPPA and as spokesperson for the ICC speaks volumes to the acquiescence of the local ICC Muslim community to the ideas which Hough propagates at the IPPA. If the local Muslims at the ICC which he represents disagree it is time for them to speak out publicly.

4. Ideology of the Jamaat al-Muslimeen (JAM): IPPA closely connected to JAM

As reported on Pipeline News, Jamaat Al Muslimeen (JAM), The Islamic Peoples Movement, held an “international conference promoting peace and awareness” on August 16, 2008 in Baltimore, Maryland. JAM is a radical separatist Islamist group. Its radicalism is embodied in their ideologies. Their website states, “Jihad is considered a sixth pillar in countries where Islam is the majority religion.” Their ‘shoora’ (leadership, consensus) council has on it Imam Badi Ali also a resident of North Carolina. Note that the conference boasts the active close participation of the IPPA on its website. JAM calls for the release of convicted terrorists, Imam Ali Tamimi, the blind Sheikh Omar Abdel-Rahman, Jose Padilla, and Afia Siddiqui. JAM also openly makes calls with its associates that the “Muslim world should combine its efforts to dismantle Israel by peaceful means.”

This organization called for the unification with Muslims of America (aka Jamaat al-Fuqra), a group with camps in remote regions around the U.S. led by Sheikh Mubarrak Gilani in Pakistan (profiled in the documentary The Third Jihad and on Fox News). The links to radicalism are ubiquitous from suspicious connections to the Daniel Pearl murder in Pakistan to Richard Reid, and John Allen Muhammed. The website of JAM proudly defends convicted cop-killer Jamil al-Amin whose representative, Masai Ehehasi spoke at this conference. Interestingly, JAM hysterically refers to the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) as an “FBI related group” and Siraj Wahhaj as ‘notorious’. This speaks to very common internecine feuds within the Islamist ranks between core MB front groups like ISNA and splinter groups which feign association with the MB but are still within the ideological realm of political Islam like IPPA, JAM, or Muslims of America.

[AIFD note] The connection of Jibril Hough, his Islamic Center of Charlotte, and his IPPA to JAM and its ideas is particularly troubling. Nowhere in the public setting does Mr. Hough take on JAM or distance himself from any of its radical ideas. That would be nearly impossible since one of Hough’s closest confidants is Ali Rashid as noted by WFAE at this report. Ali Rashid has been noted in the media as an Islamville elder recruited by Gilani 25 years ago in Pakistan. Rashid has defended Muslims of America’s Islamville saying “Islamville is an open community and we don’t hide anything.” (WLTX South Carolina). Rashid stated further, “We don’t have any training camps, and we’re not shooting any guns. I’m telling you Sheik Gilani is not involved in terrorism,” Ali Rashid is identified as a member of the compound called Holy Islamville by WSOC Channel 9. Ali Rashid also identifies himself with IPPA along with Jibril Hough. It would be absurd for Jibril Hough and Ali Rashid to dissociate themselves from Muslims of America or JAM. JAM also clearly demonstrates its oppressive mentality regarding any ideological diversity among Muslims. They admonish President Obama that:

He should ensure that those Muslims he talks to do represent authentic Islam. All Islamic movements oppose America‘s policies. If Obama talks to Muslims who support America‘s policies, it will be an exercise in futility.”

Interesting here is the blanket condemnation of all American policy because it is not from their supremacist Islamist platform of political Islam and their own bizarre promotion of their radical Islamist voices as being “authentic Islam.”

The battle within the House of Islam from the AIFD perspective is that those voices like Hough, ICC, IPPA, JAM, and Muslims of America inappropriately mix foreign and domestic policy considerations with Islam (Islamists). In doing so, they are hijacking our faith community for their own political agenda. The leadership which gross Islamists like Hough wield over communities demonstrates more than ever that a movement of a pure spiritual Islam which separates mosque and state will ultimately be needed to intellectually defeat political Islam and all of its permutations.

5. Connnecting the radicalism of JAM’s Imam Badi Ali to Hough and his colleagues in North Carolina

Imam Badi Ali of “Muslims for a Better North Carolina” openly supports the Taliban and condemns American military in this May 2009 fatwa which basically calls for fighting against American soldiers:

“The target of Zionism and Imperialism is Islam. Pakistan represents Islam, so it is a target. The Taliban fight for Islam; so they are targets. We urge the Pakistani soldiers not to fight against the Taliban. These Taliban are the fighters in the Way of Allah. Fighting against them is a form of KUFR. People who die fighting against the forces of Islam are destined to go to jahannum (hell). There surely are some Pakistani soldiers and officers who still fear Allah Almighty and will not die for the sake of American intervention in Pakistan.

Our FATWA is: Pakistani Muslims must support the Taliban and oppose American-Zionist military intervention. Muslims must unite to stop Pakistani military action against the Taliban. These fighters with Black Turbans are hinted about in the Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be on him. They are the spearhead of Islam. All Pakistani Muslims should support them. Fighting for America , directly or indirectly, against Muslims is Kufr and is strictly prohibited [HARAM] in Islamic Law. Remember dear Muslims, the kuffar will never be pleased with you until you give up Islam. Read Sura al-Kafiroon. There is a clear SEPARATION between Islam and kufr. This world is passing away. The Hereafter is far better and more lasting.”

Imam Badi Ali is closely affiliated with JAM and has been at conferences with the IPPA. Hough has never been critical of Badi Ali. How does his so-called contract with America which he defiantly proclaimed fit into this separatist radicalizing fatwa (religious opinion) from this radical imam.

[AIFD Note] This statement and fatwa is in reality treasonous as our soldiers wage war against factions of the Taliban in Afghanistan. It’s time for Hough and his colleagues to condemn JAM, the IPPA, and all these radical statements.

6. JAM’s deep seeded anti-Semitism, Holocaust denial, and rejection of western democracy

JAM produces a radical online newsletter called New Trend Magazine. As noted by the ADL, this newsletter has promoted the work of holocaust denier David Irving. JAM is led by Dr. Kaukab Siddique, Ameer of Jamaat al-Muslimeen (JAM) from Baltimore, Maryland. Siddique is also a holocaust denier. He stated,

“There is no evidence available that Hitler planned or ordered the wholesale decimation of Jews.” Siddique further stated, “The Jewish narratives of the gassing of six million Jews too cannot be substantiated.” He has also called the Holocaust “a Jewish milk cow.” He claims “American governance is under Zionist control.” He has described the U.S. as “satanic system,” claiming that America‘s power structure does not accept the sovereignty of Allah.”

JAM also does not endorse nationalist flags which runs against the global hegemony of political Islam.

[AIFD Note]– The silence from Hough about JAM’s radicalism is deafening, not to mention IPPA’s involvement with their conferences and his close alliances with individuals like Ali Rashid.

7. Hough on loyalty to the American system of government:

After the Islamic Day of Prayer staged at Capitol Hill on September 25, 2009, CBN News asked Mr. Hough whether his loyalty came first to Islam or to America.

“My loyalty first is to Islam,” answered Jibril Hough. “But with that said if I’m loyal to my religion, I’m going to be loyal to America. If I practice my religion like a good Muslim, I’m no threat to America–I’m going to make America better.” The prayer rally leaders organized the prayer to reportedly “pray for the soul of America,” and an attendee, Sham I’deen Mohammed stated that, “Our message is, Islam is on the rise in this country.” He said, that he “would like to see America become an Islamic country but not through violence.”

[AIFD Note] : This is typical supremacist Islamist language. Note that while he confirms loyalty to America, acknowledging he is not an anarchist, he still confirms that his loyalty is to Islam first. Which Islam? Whose Islam? No one knows here.

Political Islam has a construct of law based in theocratic foundations where the Qur’an, Sunnah, and shar’iah are the source of law rather than a source of law. Note the company Hough joins in this rally which also has a condescending supremacist take on America as being a nation for whose soul they need to pray. It is as if our nation is swimming in decadence and malfeasance which can only saved by Islam and Muslims. In fact the primary speaker of the event, Imam Abdul Malik, used Gov. Spitzer’s example in New York as a typical example of the type of political leader seen in the U.S. needing Islamic influence. Not one suggestion to the Muslims at the event to join the military help protect this nation from radical Islamists. Not one pronouncement at the prayer to lead the fight against radical groups from within Muslim communities.

8. Some of the bizarre ideas of Jibril Hough

In October 2003, Little Green Footballs (LGF) had a post that featured Jibril Hough of the IPPA, after he wrote an editorial for the Charlotte Observer bizarrely claiming that California was discovered by Muslims long before Columbus.

It is important for the American public to know that although this political movement by Muslims may be somewhat new, Muslims have been a part of the fabric of this society, in some fashion, since before Columbus. Muslim explorers visited the West Coast long ago. Arabic writings have been found in some caves in California. The name “California” comes from the Arabic word ‘calif’, meaning ruler or leader.” (oped ‘New Party, Old Religion’ for Charlotte Observer.)

Hough’s IPPA also disseminated this nonsense in a 2002 press release claiming that the Jews were behind 9-11:

But the biased western media would not cover this story, yet they also neglected to report that 4000 Jews employed at the World Trade Center were absent at WTC on 9/11. Nor did they report on the thousands who saw WTC Building Seven fall without a plane hitting it.

Everyday as more and more independent investigations are done, the evidence is proving that the September 11th may have been some great orchestration that caught our great nation totally unaware. And we the Muslims are left to believe the words of our president, which he later tried to change, that this is a “crusade, and you are either with them or with us.”

Both Islam and Christianity are the victims of this devious plot and all Americans must join together to help prevent evil ones from succeeding. (original link:

Hough seems to also interestingly pride himself in the use of radical media like Louis Farrakhan’s Final Call. In this video, Hough speaks to a reporter boasting the headlines from the grossly anti-Semitic and radical Louis Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam’s Final Call newspaper. Not only does this reflect on Hough, but the ignorance of the unquestioning reporter.

[AIFD Note] It is important to note that the belief in and propagation of conspiracy theories is very common to those who believe in Islamism (political Islam). It fulfills the collectivist obsession and denials that all Muslim maladies are someone else’s fault and Muslims are just victims of global conspiracies.

9. Hough covers for ICC, the North American Islamic Trust, and ISNA

In the wake of the Feb 25, 2010 town hall, upon repeated and pointed questioning from WBT’s Keith Larson, Mr. Hough was unable to give any coherent explanation of the relationship between the North American Islamic Trust (NAIT) and his mosque. He and others at the Town Hall continued to complain about the unindicted conconspirator designation despite demonstrating no proof of ISNA’s differences with the Muslim Brotherhood. The full interview can be found at this video link and World Net Daily’s related story is here. During his interview with Larsen, Hough stated that he has on occasion heard comments supporting radicals and the Muslim Brotherhood.

When they have heard that in their mosque, he said they privately “pull the coat of the ‘brother’ espousing the radicalism”. He gave no specifics as to what that means. Then later in the same interview he ended up basically trying to say that HAMAS was not a terrorist organization and it was no different than our own military which he felt killed civilians. Clearly, Hough, was miserably trying to dissimulate his condemnation of terrorism and terror groups. His bizarrely ignorant approach to NAIT and the fact that they held the deed to their mosque also spoke volumes of his attempts to dissimulate.

10. The revealing connection to Cong. Keith Ellison (D-MN)

Jibril Hough, seemed to have direct access to U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN). He mentioned speaking to the Muslim congressman during the town hall discussion and was proud to get Ellison’s advice to move forward with the meeting in Jibril’s opening comments at the Charlotte Town Hall on Feb 25, 2010.

[AIFD Note] Mr. Ellison weighing in as a confidant of Mr. Hough with contrarily little to no public support for his colleague Cong. Sue Myrick on the Anti-terror caucus on which Ellison serves runs in line with Ellison’s warped priorities. His denials are masked in a victimology obsessed propaganda which Ellison peddled against AIFD in our debate with him on the Hill on October 1, 2009. Here with Jibril Hough, Cong. Ellison again proves here that he is more interested in Muslim collectivism and protecting ideologues of political Islam than in protecting American ideas of liberty against the threat of political Islam.

Compiled March 7, 2010, copyright American Islamic Forum for Democracy

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