AIFD Christmas Wishes “We send our Christmas wishes and prayers to all our supporters”- December 25, 2020

To all of our friends, members, and supporters, 

We at the American Islamic Forum For Democracy (AIFD) wish you a very Merry Christmas on this special holiday!

We pray that your day is filled with love, friendship and laughter.

We also pray that our friends in the Jewish community had a blessed Hanukkah. May you have enjoyed the peace and joy that the season represents and are able to look forward to the New Year with hope and excitement for what’s to come.

We know how stressful on so many fronts, 2020 has been for all. May this Christmas holiday bring your family’s yet closer far above and beyond the isolation that this year imposed on all of us. May we pray together for a healthy, open, and prosperous 2021, and may this holiday inspire us to increase our awareness of and gratitude for the many blessings we have been given as well as the enormous responsibility we have to serve and aid others. The battles that we fight for all Americans here at AIFD have continued through the pandemic, virtually and on all platforms. Please know that we are poised to continue to lead the fight for national security and for reform against political Islam (Islamism) and its byproducts.

May we, as brothers and sisters in humanity, use this holiday to grow closer to each other and to our Creator, and seize this opportunity to recommit ourselves to the universal values of human rights, individual liberty, and love for all mankind.

May all of your prayers be heard and your hearts filled with joy, as this year for the history books comes to a close and we re-commit to all our happiness, strength and challenges.

Yours in liberty,

Your friends at AIFD

American Islamic Forum For Democracy