February 7, 2021:

A Trojan Horse for the Islamists

By any measure, the first few days of President Biden’s administration are sending signals to domestic and foreign Islamists movements and their leaders that this White House will be their friend. Candidate, Joe Biden’s so-called moderation is quickly turning out to be a veneer, a Trojan Horse, that concealed the extent to which the Red-Green Alliance of the far left progressives and Islamists are being given the reins.

The signs of then candidate Biden’s complicity with Islamist ideologues were obvious throughout his campaign. Sadly, few paid attention. President Biden was simply parroting the talking points of leading Islamist lobbying groups in America. This penetration by Islamist groups was exemplified by the July 2020 kerfuffle inside the Voice of America Urdu news service over the posting of a blatantly political video from Emgage USA -a 501c4 organization- featuring then candidate Biden. In the video, Biden proudly proclaims among other Islamist mantras that, “I’ll be a president that seeks out and incorporates and listens to the ideas and concerns of Muslim Americans on everyday issues that matter the most to our communities. That will include having Muslim American voices as part of my administration.” While he may have said “Muslim Americans”, he clearly meant “Islamists”. For the rest of us more ideologically diverse members of Muslim American communities, the Islamists behind Emgage and their lobby speak only for the vocal theocratic minority (plurality) of the Muslim population while claiming to speak for all of us. This Islamist lobby group is a confluence of graduates from a wide swathe of American Muslim Brotherhood legacy groups.

The Biden campaign presented itself as a supposedly “unifying platform,” promising to lead from the center and take a moderate position within the Democratic Party. Yet, many of us knew their obsequiousness with Islamists indicated that nothing moderate was forthcoming.  Sure enough, in less than 30 days since his inauguration, recent appointments -and slew of executive orders ripped from the pages of American Islamist wishlists- has empowered the Islamist’s frontline soldiers like never before. The artificially “moderate” veneer of Sen. Biden’s own campaign was clearly a Trojan horse that now amidst the political climate of 2021 has empowered and brought to the fore the most radical of the American “Red-Green alliance.” The Left’s radical progressives and their Islamist allies are now putting their domestic and foreign policy positions into the hands of Pres. Biden, who is signing off on them without question.

Many of the previous successes of the Trump administration and Secretary of State Pompeo against the threats Islamists posed, after being unchecked by the Obama years, are already in jeopardy.

Emgage USA and its fellow Islamist assets across the country are already doing a victory lap within but days after Pres. Biden’s first day in office as he signed an executive order ending the falsely named “Muslim ban”.  Their fundraising indicates this is but the first step in their coming deep operation. They are calling now for a “no ban” act in Congress among an extensive Islamist platform of fabricated victimization and false allegations of a discriminatory policy waged against Muslims in the United States.

Any rational review of the six countries listed in the previous ban, now lifted by Pres. Biden, makes clear that countries like Iran, Syria, and Somalia are led by oppressive anti-American regimes that cannot be trusted to supply accurate vetting information on any citizens that may travel to the United States. Another EO quickly restored American taxpayer funding of UNRWA -appropriately ceased by the Trump administration because it was giving large sums of money to many radical Islamists including droves of HAMAS supporters in the Palestinian areas. Muslim Brotherhood media arms like Al Jazeera reported the coming reversal with glee.

Reema Dodin, a byproduct of what I call “the American Islamist farm team” was one of President Biden’s first appointees as a senior White House staffer for legislative affairs and liaison with the Hill. She passionately joined Muslim Brotherhood legacy groups, CAIR and the Muslim Student Association as a college student at UC-Berkeley— a mothership for American Islamist training. She infamously stated, while at Berkeley that Palestinian suicide bombers are, “the last resort of a desperate people.” She was a long-time staffer come deputy chief of staff for Sen. Dick Durbin, known for his affinity for Muslim Brotherhood legacy groups like CAIR, an organization with deep roots in Hamas and its supporters. Just a few weeks ago, Sen. Durbin helped fundraise for CAIR in Chicago.

Susan Rice will lead the White House’s domestic policy shop, bringing with her a mostly foreign policy resume rife with Islamist support— from her defense of the Muslim Brotherhood’s President Morsi in 2013 to the appeasement of the Khomeinists of Tehran -and let us not to forget Benghazi. The reportedly appointment of Matt Duss similarly bodes very well for Islamists. Duss’ sympathies for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) and longtime denials about the inherent threat of Islamists make him a darling of American Islamist ideologues.

The most flagrant appointment in support of Islamist influence is Hady Amr. Amr was appointed deputy assistant secretary for Israeli-Palestinian affairs in the Bureau of Near Eastern affairs within the State Department. With the penetration and power of the Muslim Brotherhood in Qatar across their nation, there is little doubt that the founding director of the Brookings Doha Center would be sympathetic if not a staunch member and supporter of the global Islamist movement. Qatar has proven repeatedly to be a propaganda arm -if not the proverbial mothership- for the Muslim Brotherhood and its global movement of jihadi groups. Brookings Institute’s Doha offices and founder are sure to toe the line of its primary benefactor. Amr opposed Pres. Trump’s Middle East peace initiative of the Abraham Accords and has parroted most Brotherhood positions.

These are but a few examples of Islamists and their sympathizers in just the first days that are on the front lines of engagement domestically and globally for the Biden administration. Clearly all signs point to the empowerment of the most extreme elements of the Red-Green alliance on the far left or radical progressives allying with radical Islamists. This is also quickly sending a signal (as seen with Rep. Omar’s recent incredulous promotion) to the rest of the establishment that Islamists will be rewarded, no holds bar.

This new climate where Congressional leadership proudly flaunts the ascension of an avowed Islamist to the House Foreign Affairs Vice-Chair is a climate where extremists lead, not just join. Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) was recently elevated by Speaker Pelosi (D-CA) to the position of vice-chair on the Foreign Affairs Subcommittee. This heralds a new era of extremism where a member of Congress who chooses to defend Iran’s Khomeinist regime, the Muslim Brotherhood, and Erdogan’s Islamist AKP to name a few global Islamists, ahead of American interests and our allies in the Middle East will now be in a position of leadership in the Democratic Party on the Hill. This is only to be bolstered with echoes from her colleagues, Rice and Dodin, liaisoning for the White House.

It shouldn’t take long to disabuse anyone from harboring the delusion that now Pres. Biden or then candidate Biden was going to govern as a moderate from the center. There should remain little doubt that he is clearly handing over the reins of American policy domestically and abroad to the most radical of the Red-Green alliance and those who tow the line of the Islamist way of thought. Make no mistake about it. Pres. Biden is a Trojan horse of a moderate empowering the anti-American Islamist movements. It is sure to be beyond challenging for any anti-Islamist Muslims to get any acknowledgement of our voice among the diversity of American Muslim thought and activism.