AlJazeera+ May 17, 2019. Video with Host, Muna Hawwa

Translation of tweet above that introduces video: AJ+ is with @MunaHawwa “Gas Ovens killed millions of Jews.. That’s how the novel says. What is the truth of the #holocaust and how did the Zionist movement benefit from it?

AUDIO of video begins with Muna Hawaa narrating throughout for duration of 8 minutes.

Background: During the late evening of May 17, 2019 on my twitter timeline retweeted @MunaHawaa and her AJ+ video entitled “Let’s Talk About the Holocaust”. We retained that video as per “the Fair Use Allowance for educational, research, and commentary purposes under the Fair Use Act Copyright Disclaimer law under section 107 of Copyright Act of 1976.”

This video isn’t a one-off and simply brings in to one defining place many common radical antisemitic conspiracy theories that so many Islamists propagate on the AlJazeera network, Qatar’s state media and global radicalization arm. The slick video, like others at AJ+, obviously timed to support the recent and similar radicalism of @RashidaTlaib,  involved many production staff and approving eyes at AlJazeera. This video is a teaching moment for the world about the theocratic, inhuman #Islamist world view of the Muslim Brotherhood and its allies and its inherent radicalization.

The following is a full English translation of the video provided by The American Islamic Forum for Democracy (@aifdemocracy) a member of the Muslim Reform Movement (@TheMuslimReform). Qatar’s state media arm tries to claim this video “didn’t meet their editorial standards” and wants everyone to just scurry along, dismiss it, and expunge the 10000s of views and shares already- never mind all the unscathed tyrannical mindsets that created them still left with no antiseptic of sunlight. Even shades of the ideas their radical ‘talent’ produced are emblematic of rampant Islamist supremacism and antisemitism of the Ikhwan (Muslim Brotherhood) that must be and can only be confronted by us Muslims. The original audio and video backup of this Fair Use translation will be provided on request.

The following is a rather complete translation of the original audio from the AJ+ video noted above:


Let’s Talk About the Holocaust

Six million Jews were killed at the hands of Nazis. It’s a story that was adopted by Zionists and has been recalled every year in what is called the “Commemoration of the Holocaust”.

Come with us to discuss with you on the “story of the Holocaust”

“Holocaust” is a Greek word that means devastation by burning and it refers to the genocide of the Jewish race by the Nazis. It also refers to sacrifice for God in the old teachings of Judaism. They were burned completely in the slaughter.

More than 9 million Jews resided in Europe before WWII. Most of them were in countries under Nazi control. After the Holocaust, members of the Zionist movement claim that 2 out of 3 Jews were killed. So why and how did this all happen?

Let’s go back through the history.

Germany lost WWI and with poverty, the Nazi party was formed. The notion of change to a better lifestyle strengthened the Nazi party and made them take advantage of two thoughts:

First, was the superiority of the Aryan race. Simply, Germany was the preferred nation standing on the head and sequence of an entire people.

Second, was a modern Germany built on nationalism. This was a creed that was spreading in Europe at that time. Its roots of colonialism viewed the Asian and African races in a condescending (superior) way. Based on that, they viewed every non-Aryan race as beneath them because of either their low socioeconomic status or because they were not accepted politically.

That means that Jews were not the only victims during this period. The Nazis targeted the Gypsies of Europe, Slavic people, and some Arabs, and some other minority groups including socialists, gays, and the mentally ill. Some of the victims included Christians. These groups were mistreated before the Holocaust and they (the Nazis) wanted the “Final Solution”. They burned their books and fired them from their jobs, and confiscated their assets. They were kicked out of their homes and sent to concentration camps. They were forced to wear the Nazi symbols on their clothes. They were forced to work hard labor jobs, almost to death in some situations.

Hitler’s victims exceeded 20 million people, and the Jews were part of them.

So why are we focused on making this a Jewish issue only?

The reason is that Jews had a lot of wealth, access to the media, and representation in academia. Therefore, they were able to portray themselves as the main victims of the Nazis.

There are various perceptions of the Holocaust that have developed throughout history. People are divided into a few groups. Some people deny the Holocaust entirely. Some exaggerate the outcome, and some blame the Zionist movement for inflating it in order to form the country of Israel.

Here we will stop.

How did Israel benefit from the Holocaust?

During the first few months of Nazi rule, the Zionists and the German Nazis formed the Haavara agreement in 1933. Its goal is to make it easy for Jews to immigrate to Palestine under the condition that they leave their assets to Germany. That’s the only known historical formal agreement. Even though it was criticized by many sides, it empowered more than 60,000 Jews to immigrate to Palestine between 1933 and 1939 and opened the door for immigration by others.

Immigration (of Jews) doubled with the rise of the Nazis until the time of the Palestinian Nakba (Catastrophe) in 1948. This agreement and other factors show that Hitler supported Zionism. This led the Mayor of London to publicly declare that Hitler was behind the Zionist movement, which led to his resignation from the Labor Party in 2016. The narrative of the Holocaust, its torture and suffering of the Jews, made it easier to open the path for them to immigrate to Palestine.

Did the story stop at that?

After the Germany’s loss in WWII, Germany was forced to pay the countries who suffered in the war. Germany signed an agreement with Israel which was to compensate the Israeli government on behalf of world Jewry for the genocide by the Nazis and the victims. Throughout six decades, Germany paid $89 billion up until 2012 in the form of money and other commodities for compensation.

What’s more dangerous is that Germany became the second largest source of weapons to the Hebrew state, which helped Israel establish and build its presence in the Middle East. Germany also implemented a law that criminalized denial of the Holocaust. Up until today, Germany has been paying very large amounts of compensation as a result of the WWII victims to a country that was not even present at the time. Greece, Serbia, Yugoslavia, other countries were not compensated despite the damage they suffered from the war. There was no comparison between what Israel received and what other European countries received.

The Holocaust was not just any catastrophe; some consider it a crime to deny the Holocaust. A large number of organizations and museums spread across Europe and world capitals to commemorate the tragic catastrophe of the genocide of the Jews despite the presence of many other comparable catastrophes in the world that are still ongoing.

Genocide on the basis of race, gender or religion must be rejected totally.

Rejecting the Holocaust is a moral obligation, but Israel is the largest winner of the Holocaust because they justify the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians with the same justification that the Nazis used to kill the Jews.

The ideology upon which the state of Israel was established is on religious, national and geographic premises that stemmed from the Nazi belief (spirit) and its initial foundations.

How can the Palestinians condemn a crime that became their own misery?


Presented by: Muna Hawwa

Photography by: Hadi Zanjee

Montage: Julie Alhajj

Language Supervision: Amer Alsayed Omar


[UPDATE] Yesterday I posted the audio version of the AJ+ Holocaust denial video. Here is the full video version with our translation from American Islamic Forum for Democracy. Please share and feel free to download a copy for yourselves and repost as FYI YouTube has already removed yesterday's audio version as did twitter. Facebook though not yet. Talk about a censorship operation heaped in denial?? I guess Fair Use copyright exception laws for education and commentary don't apply to Islamist theocrats and their state sponsored media who can invoke blasphemy laws on Silicon Valley. Their resources being spent on scrubbing the video is fascinating considering all the hate they produce on a daily basis. Hell, they were OBL's go to station in the Iraq War as they were for beheading videos and communications on our troops. Now all of a sudden their "brand" is affected? No doubt. Sunlight is the best antiseptic. This Qatar state media is a daily clinic in anti-Semitic conspiracy theories and radical global Islamism. This video just brought it all into one horrific video. Check the hosts and the producers other work- full of antisemitism. We will also provide links for downloading the raw files. Muslim Reform MovementFull video available for your educational use at:….[link to Dropbox removed by force/demand letter on May 21, 2019 at 4PM by Dropbox Enforcers of AJ’s copyright with unilateral action. Only redress I was told is likely legal action. Thugs at AlJazeera flex muscle yet again with another US company to censure their work which should be part of reporting. This is an attack on free speech.see screen captures below]

Posted by M Zuhdi Jasser on Monday, May 20, 2019