CAIR’s attack on Tea Party Movement outrageous




PHOENIX (August 6, 2010) – The Council on American Islamic Relations attacks on the Tea-Party movement are outlandish and an example of the denial in which the Islamist organization exists. In a recent article in Ibrahim Hooper, Executive Director of CAIR, claims that the “level of Islamophobia is ‘going off the charts’ recently and he thinks it’s coincided with the rise of the Tea Party movement.” He also in a patently political admonishment called for Democrats to “take a tougher position against the anti-Muslim sentiments that have cropped up in the debate over whether to build a mosque near Ground Zero.”

There is nothing within the charters of the Tea Party movement or the vast majority of their gatherings to justify a claim that they are increasing “Islamophobia” in the United States. It is profoundly hypocritical for an organization supposedly focused on Muslim civil rights to taint an entire movement of millions of Americans with a broad brush.

CAIR prefers to stereotype and slander Americans rather than deal with our own realities as Muslims. The fact is that there has been a significant increase in the number of homegrown terror arrests in the past year. The fact is that the building of an ostentatious display of Islamist culture with unknown funding sources within shouting distance of Ground Zero demonstrates a profound lack of sensitivity. This is all amplified by a continued lack of effort by Muslim organizations to address the underlying issues of Islamist radicalization. And CAIR yet cannot comprehend why there may be ill feelings or unintentional fear towards Muslims in America. Mr. Hooper’s inability to recognize that demonstrates how out of touch his clearly Islamist organization is with the American people, Muslim and Non-Muslim alike.

There is nothing that more exemplifies the true nature of CAIR and their fellow Islamists who carry the platform of political Islam in the United States than this open admonition to the Democratic Party and their inappropriate slander of the entire Tea Party Movement,” said Dr. M. Zuhdi Jasser, President of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy (AIFD). “If CAIR was truly about the religion of Islam, spirituality and faith, they would stay above the political fray and deal with those issues which focus on Islam and the reforms we need to make our faith stronger and more modern such as pursuing the separation of mosque and state. But instead, they use the Ground Zero mosque controversy and other flash points to advance their Islamist party platform.”

Last month CAIR distributed a press release calling for hate crime investigations into an arson attack upon a Georgia mosque. That attack was soon thereafter linked to a Muslim congregant of that mosque. No apology was issued to Americans. CAIRs Nihad Awad said this week on Fox’s Bill O’Reilly that he was “sick and tired of the linkage of Islam to 9/11”.

“Awad is in denial. There are interpretations of Islam that are obviously linked to 9-11. The righteous battle is for us Muslims to defeat those Islamic ideas that create those interpretations- political Islam. The only way to eliminate the linkage of Islam and 9/11 is for Muslims to fight the battle within the House of Islam and eliminate the ideology of political Islam,” said Jasser. “Instead of throwing slanderous insults at a growing national movement of millions of tea partiers and acting like an Islamist political party by imploring “the Democrats” to buy into Muslim victimology, we need to take non-partisan anti-Islamist responsibility for reforming our faith and protecting American Muslims from the slippery slope of Islamist radicalization.”

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