Muslim and American Patriot

Dr. M. Zuhdi Jasser is an American patriot. He is also a Muslim. And he is trying very hard to prove to his fellow Americans that these two central features of his life are as compatible as they are self-reinforcing. In fact, Dr. Jasser, who is a Phoenix physician, is trying so hard that he has taken it upon himself and his organization, the American Islamic Forum for Democracy (AIFD), to stage a rally tomorrow in downtown Phoenix. Appropriately, it will be held at Patriots Square Park. Summoning Muslims and other members of the interfaith community, Dr. Jasser and AIFD implore their neighbors to “stand with Muslims against the targeting of innocent civilians and to denounce those who would exploit religion to do so.” In a recent essay he penned for the Arizona Republic, Dr. Jasser explained why he felt compelled to organize the rally. In an era characterized by increasing attacks targeting innocent civilians across the globe, Dr. Jasser lamented that “[i]t is impossible as an American not to feel the growing, palpable distrust toward the Muslim community.” What is especially disturbing to him is the hate-filled rhetoric emanating from Muslim groups like the Council on American Islamic Relations, whose executive director has declared he is “in support of the Hamas movement,” which the U.S. government has condemned as a terrorist organization. (none) See the full editorial at this link at the Washington Times.

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