Syrian Americans applaud the long overdue decision of President Obama to sanction Bashar Assad


PHOENIX (May 18, 2011) -Dr. Zuhdi Jasser from Save Syria Now!, released the following statement in support of President Obama’s long overdue decision to sanction Syrian President Bashar Assad.

“We applaud the long overdue decision of President Obama to impose sanctions on the despotic and morally corrupt regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad. This decision brings much needed attention to the plight of the Syrian people and will hopefully embolden other nations to abandon any belief that the Assad regime is anything other than thugs and criminals. Assad’s brutalization of the Syrian people can not be allowed to stand. The unfolding daily humanitarian disaster in the towns and on the streets of Syria with the Syrian military and police shooting democracy activists in cold blood, cutting off towns from the outside world and the complete isolation of Syria from foreign media have created an unconscionable situation for the Syrian people. Any verbiage from the Assad regime about “negotiations” or “reform” are all pure and simple lies.

As Americans of Syrian descent we now ask President Obama to demand that President Bashar Assad and his ruling family of thugs go. The Assad regime has proven time and again that it cares little for the Syrian people and that it has no fear of retribution for its daily immoral and barbaric acts against its own people. As Syrians who enjoy the freedoms of America we demand our governments do everything possible to fulfill our moral obligations to stand for freedom in Syria against the brutality of the Assad regime.

We implore the administration and our western allies to levy the heaviest sanctions available including:

1- Immediate removal from Damascus of our U.S. Ambassador to Syria.

2- Immediate dismissal of all Syrian diplomats on American soil. Our Syrian American contacts tell us that the intelligence operations against Syrian American families and their families in Syria by Syrian government sympathizers on American soil have been ratcheted up to the highest level in recent history as they collect names and impose a culture of fear upon Syrian Americans and their families in Syria. This protects them and sends a clear message about with whom we will maintain diplomatic relations.

3- Economic sanctions against the Syrian government and its henchmen. The seizure and freezing of assets connected to the leading elite of the Assad government (political, military, and security forces).

4- Demand that military vehicles, tanks, and personnel leave the streets of Syria (not just air activity as done with Libya) and permit the free open assembly of Syrian citizens. Humanitarian disasters are continuing in towns like Dara’a and Baniyas that have been under complete siege by Assad’s tanks and military personnel. Food, water, electricity, and health care has been completely cut off from the people of Dara’a, Baniyas and other towns rising to demonstrate against the Assad regime. A mass grave of democracy activists was recently found in Dara’a.

5- Demand the opening of Syria and its streets to international media and human rights organizations.

6- Pass Senate Resolution introduced by Senators Lieberman, Rubio and Kyl condemning the Assad Regime and urge the House to also act now to passthe strongest language possible against the Assad regime.

7- Push the U.N to support and reach out actively and openly to the heroic groups on the ground protesting against the despotism of Assad’s regime.

8- An urgent press conference by leading elected officials in DC on Syria to demonstrate the seriousness and level of attention necessary.

The Syrian people are calling for freedom and are paying the ultimate price for their courage. As a country based in the concepts of “Liberty for All” we must support the efforts of the Syrian people to lift the yoke of oppression and step out from the boot of the Assad regime.”

About Save Syria Now!

Save Syria Now! is a group of Americans of Syrian descent organizing to put pressure on the United States to call for immediate action to be taken against the regime of Bashar Assad of Syria and to bring true liberty to the people of Syria. We stand with the Syrians protesting in the streets to end the tyranny of the Assad family. For more information please visit our website at

MEDIA CONTACTS: Gregg Edgar, Gordon C. James Public Relations, 602-690-7977


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