The Ummah and Its Public Image

June comes to an end with a premature transfer of sovereignty to the Iraqis, hastened due to a series of car bomb explosions near security forces in 5 major Iraqi cities responsible for killing about 100 Iraqis and injuring hundreds more. Turkey faced its share of bombs going off in residential areas, and near the hotel President Bush was going to stay at for the NATO summit. The ugly face of fanaticism in the name of Islam is again emerging to destabilize Pakistanメs port city, Karachi. Since the mass killings at Karbala last Muharrum, we notice that perpetrators of these crimes against humanity are choosing softer targets within Muslim countries, seemingly unable to repeat a 9/11 showing. If the beheading of Daniel Pearl in Karachi was somehow insufficient in driving home the urgency of deep cleansing needed within the Muslim global diaspora, then the recent decapitation of American Paul Johnson and South Korean Kim Sun-il, certainly clarifies it for those still unsure. It also clarifies what Islamメs credibility is up against. See full column at Naseebvibes on

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