Window into the fascist mind

In the opinion section of Al Jazeerah’s website today is a piece which, for those who have the gastric fortitude, provides a vivid window into the working mind of what America is truly fighting in this global war – a “war” not on “terror” which is a tactic, but a war against an ideology. Al Jazeerah’s writer from London, Yamin Zakaria, opines freely for the free world to read. He leaves the reader with a clear comprehension of the true ideologies that are at stake in this war. He believes that a Muslim theocracy is a panacea. He espouses an ideology that holds that lands of freedom and liberty like the United States and Britain are inherently corrupt and purposely target civilians. As a prior U.S. Navy officer and a Muslim, his comments from across the pond are beyond offensive. His blinders and fanatical dismissals refuse to acknowledge the driving ideology of Islamo-fascism and why those who target civilians in barbaric acts of terror are fascistic in their means, their philosophy and their faith. This person cannot see Muslims doing anything wrong. He interprets Islam vis-a-vis Muslims as always being the victim. This is in fact tacit approval for all terrorism performed by so-called Muslims. Zakaria of Al Jazeerah is unable to understand how Muslims could be fascist. He misses the simplest of understanding that, in fact, an individual without any self-awareness or self-consciousness is by definition – a fascist. In fact, this very discussion demonstrates the depth of the intellectual fabric of the Islamo-fascists and their consistent derangement in their own elaborate warped world view. This piece should be mandatory reading (with anti-emetics) for all those who doubt that there is in fact an ideology that is in direct conflict with the secular democracies of the West and most specifically with the secular freedoms guaranteed in the U.S. by our Constitution. Zakaria’s misunderstanding, distortion, and hate of America and our liberating forces in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere need to be addressed. It is not just this one opinion specifically which brings concern, but rather that this is an articulate form of blind fascism that is a potent minority in the leadership of the Muslim world that must be defeated in the war of ideas. This is a mindset revealing itself on the Arabic oped pages that can see no wrong in their own group and see all wrongs within others. It is, in fact, the antithesis to a free secular tolerant society that respects individuality, honors humility and introspection. It is the ideology with which we are at direct odds as Americans since 9/11. It is crucial for Americans to understand that this is part of an infrastructure of philosophy that is painfully thought out. It is crucial that we begin to publicly and vociferously deconstruct this in the international arena. This column first appeared at this link in the Arizona Republic

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