Transcript of MPAC/ISNA anti-terrorism video- “Believers beware: injustice cannot defeat injustice”

AIFD provides a transcript below of the recently MPAC/ISNA produced Youtube video entitled, "Believers beware: injustice cannot defeat injustice." This transcript is provided simply as a reference for readers of our published commentary and critique of the MPAC/ISNA video available online. The transcript clarifies elements missed by simply watching their youtube video. This transcript is available as source material for our commentary/briefer critiquing what this video and approach claims to be doing form a counterterrorism perspective.

(Background ominous music plays intermittently throughout)

Imam Suhaib Webb: In recent months, messages which have been born from entities outside of this country have encouraged young Muslims in particular and convert Muslims to engage in illegal acts which would not only undermine the security of our country that we live in, our beloved country with our fellow citizens, but most importantly ultimately serve to undermine our place as a community and as a society

Dr. Maher Hathout- The media is flooded with quotations and statements by people who are either half educated or not educated at all about Islam. They have the audacity to quote the Qur'an as if they know what the Qur'an is, taking certain verses and twisting the meaning and ignoring what the Arabic language actually indicates and basic (sic) passing judgments that will make Islam and Muslim a very frightening phenomena which is contrary to the reality

Dr. Ihsan Bagby- Allah Subhana wataalaa has said very clearly and very categorically, the Prophet Muhammad sullalahu allaihu wassalam and his ashab has said very clearly and categorically that we cannot kill innocent people. There is no footnote there. There is no real exception to that.

Imam Mohamad Magid- Islam is a religion of peace for building a community, not destroying it not tearing it apart. It is saving life not taking life.

Imam Zaid Shakir- Islam teaches a balance in all of our affairs so it is not a religion that is amenable to extremism and because of that you don't see Allah (subhana wattaala) giving it success to the advocates of extremism to the advocates of indiscriminate violence to the advocates of killing civilians. Where are they successful? Where are they successful? You just see one mess after another. One mess after another. And it's time for us to start cleaning up those messes and even going beyond that and it's time for us to begin to contribute to the construction of something beautiful.

Imam Abdal-Hakim Murad- What is our state when some new "fitna" arises. Do we panic? Do we freak out? Do we start feeling the emotions rise to the surface? So we want to go out into the streets and yell and scream and kick up a fuss exhibiting our own closeness to the munafiqeen or do we say, hasbanallah wa Ni'mal wakil (Allah is alone sufficient for us, and He is the Best Disposer of Affairs for us) and genuinely act on the basis of a true understanding of the Qur'an and the Sunnah for the interests and the further flourishing of this great ummah of Islam.

Dr. Jamal Badawi- The Fiqh Council of North America reiterates its consistent repeated, perpetual position in condemning any incitement of hatred senseless random acts of violence or acts of terror committed by any party against any party or any other parties be it an individual, an organization or state, and irrespective of perceived legitimacy of grievance.

Imam Mohamad Magid- T hat many people say that there is so many issues of injustice taking place around the world. This is true. We acknowledge the injustice taking place around the world. But we believe there is a way to address the injustice. Not by taking innocent people life.

Dr. Ihsan Bagby- I am not calling on anybody to be inactive. I am calling on people, for the Muslims of this country in particular, and for the Muslims of this world to be proactive and not to embrace the nihilism and the anti-Islamic policies of terrorism and unwarranted violence.

Imam Hamza Yusuf- this religion is not our property. This religion we have no right to detract, to pollute, to sully the good name of Islam and the good name of our Prophet sallahu allaihu wassalam, we are obliged to honor that name. If you go by the name Muslim, that is a very exalted status to be one who submits to the will of God and it's important to not arrogate to oneself the idea that somehow you know what the will of God is.

Yassir Qadhi- we as Muslims are instructed to respond to tyranny and to fight it in a proper manner. There is not denying that we as Muslims must stand up for truth and for justice. There is not denying that we have to help those who are in need of our help. That we have to help the oppressed, and help the poor, and help the weak, and help the widow and help the orphan. This is a part and parcel of being, not just Muslims of being decent human beings.

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