Phoenix residents react to Ft. Hood shooting rampage (Channel 3 -Phoenix)

Channel 3 Phoenix discusses the recent shootings at Ft. Hood with valley residents including Dr. Jasser, AIFD President.

The Pat McMahon Show- Veterans’ Day and Ft Hood

Pat discusses the Ft Hood shootings and moderate Islam with Zuhdi Jasser

Phoenix Muslims respond to Horrific Ft Hood Shootings

Channel 3 interviews local Muslims Dr. Zuhdi Jasser and Sid Shahid from AIFD for reactions to the shooting rampage of Dr. Nidal Malik Hassan.

AIFD reacts to Fort Hood Shooting Rampage

Dr. Jasser is interviewed by Tram Mai of Channel 12 Phoenix about the Fort Hood Shooting Rampage by Dr. Nadal Malik Hassan

Fox 10 Phoenix- Newsmaker Sunday w/John Hook- Dr. Zuhdi Jasser on Ft Hood Massacre and Honor Killings in Phoenix

John interviews Zuhdi in this in depth program on the Ft Hood Shootings and the recent honor killing in Phoenix