The Third Jihad- Meet Dr. Jasser (trailer)

Opening segment of the 3rd Jihad introducing Dr. Jasser

AILC Foundational Principles

American Muslims show support for NYPD counter-terrorism programs

American Islamic Leadership Coalition gathers at One Police Plaza to stand with NYPD in its efforts to counter Muslim radicalization

Al Jazeera English- “Religion and Politics in the US Elections”

Anchor, Brendan Conner, discusses the mixture of religion and politics with Dr. Tom Farr and Dr. Zuhdi Jasser.

Letter to Secretary Clinton on Ambassador Husain Haqqani

A group of prominent American Muslims has appealed to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton asking her and President Obama to intervene in the matter of the former Pakistan Ambassador to the U.S., Husain Haqqani who is under house arrest in Pakistan and expressed a fear for his life.

Glenn Beck- CNN HN: Honor Killing in Georgia

Dr. Jasser discusses the recent apparent honor killing in Georgia, the Pakistani Muslim father arrested, and impilications about the culture on the Glenn Beck Show.

The McMahon Group on “Citizenship and Immigration”

Pat discusses citizenship and immigration on this 4th of July weekend with 3 panelists from immigrant families.

Leaders Who Fail

Ten Years Fox News