Arif Humayun

As a US citizen and a practicing Muslim, Arif Humayun is a student of comparative religion – an interest he developed while living in Australia from 1989-92. His first book Islam: The Summit of Religious Evolution was published in 1992 which established the common bonds between the Semitic faiths. After a long hiatus, the terrorist attacks of 9/11/2001 prompted him to publish his second book Islam and the US Constitution in 2002 to differentiate the peaceful teachings of the Quranic from the Islamists’ ideologies of hate that was used to justify the attacks. He has since authored a detailed White Paper on Radicalism among Muslims after the terrorist attacks in Mumbai in 2009 and has also published papers on topics of current interest like Sharia, Jihad, Blasphemy, Apostasy, etc. Arif is an avid supporter of the separation of religion and politics.

Keenly interested in understanding the motivation that catalyzes radicalism among Muslims, particularly those living in the US and other democracies, Arif published his third book “Connivance by Silence” in Nov 2011.  This book highlights the roots of the political-inspired interpretations of Islam that have crept in the Muslim discourse; these developments started to occur after the disintegration of the Ottoman Empire and Caliphate and have now assumed frightening proportions.

Arif manages a global intellectual property licensing business as an employee of a large multinational corporation. His frequent and extensive global travels bring a clearer perspective to this destructive phenomenon of Islamism that afflicts the Muslim world. Born in Pakistan, Arif came to the US in 1980 as a graduate Chemical Engineer to pursue post-graduate studies in Engineering at Lehigh University in PA and has been in the US since then.

Arif also formed an interfaith group called Circle of Peace ( Some of his articles are posted at this website.