Public Support for Dr. Jasser’s appointment to the US Commission on International Religious Freedom

With the scorched earth smear campaign being waged against Dr. Jasser by American Islamist groups like CAIR and MPAC, we thought it appropriate to post a few of the testimonials submitted to AIFD during the week after Senator Mitch McConnell’s March announcement of Dr. Jasser’s nomination to the US Commission on International Religious Freedom.


1] Self-proclaimed custodians of Islam have launched a defamation campaign against Dr. Zuhdi Jasser for his appointment to the US Commission on International Religious Freedom. I hope they realize that this deformation campaign itself is against the teachings of Islam!

These politically-motivated groups stand for the establishment of Islamic Caliphate and Islamic State for which introduction of legislative sharia as Muslim Law, justification of jihad for establishing the Islamic State, support of capital punishment for blasphemy and apostasy are critical tools. I hope they realize that none of these doctrines are part of the Islamic faith. These doctrines have been engineered in the last century, after the fall of the Ottoman Caliphate and the colonization of Muslim empires (Ottoman and Mughal) at the dawn of the industrial revolution in the 18th century. Opposing these misrepresented doctrines has earned Dr. Jasser the wrath of these hypocritical hate mongers.

Their duplicity can be gauged from the fact the same groups deny equal rights to minorities in Muslim majority countries while demanding equal and more rights in the US. Demanding equal rights for all religious minorities in countries that claim to be the bulwark of Islam (Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan, etc.) can result in imprisonment.

Rather than hate and fear mongering, the American people, particularly Muslims, will welcome a public debate on the real issues (Islamic Caliphate and State, sharia, jihad, blasphemy, and apostasy) to understand the faith of Islam from the scripture and differentiate it from Islamism – the politically motivated movement for monopolizing power under the guise of Islam. Such civilized discussion on real issues will be illuminating for all Americans.

Arif Humayun, President & Co-founder, Circle of Peace, Vancouver, WA

2] I know Dr. Jasser personally. He is an extremely genuine Muslim intellectual, dedicated and exceptionally talented to lead the moderate sane Muslim voices in confronting the radical Muslim propaganda, currently engaging in hate campaign against him.

Jalal Zuberi MD, Morehouse School of Medicine, Atlanta, GA

3] Dear Dr. Jasser: As an American Moslem and who had a privileged of meeting you and heard your talks several times and resident of Arizona over 50 years, I extend my heartfelt congratulations to you for being appointed to the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF). Your devotion to Islam with right leadership in this very critical time of ours is most needed. We admire you and proud of you. We wish you all the successes in all your actions. May Almighty bless you and all your work.

Edib Kirdar, Scottsdale, AZ

4] Dr. Jasser is a devout Arab Muslim but not a fanatic which is why those who have a Muslim agenda are against him. I have heard his views and consider him to be a very balanced Muslim, a decent person and a good American citizen. In my opinion CAIR is a front organization. Dr. Jasser speaks his mind and is neither influenced nor deterred either by the Fox News Channel, the leftist Media or the Islamists. I congratulate Dr. Jasser on a well deserved appointment. Hope his message about militant Islam is widely received and embraced by the Muslim world for their own good and for world peace. Much Love.

Dr. Bahram R. Shahmardaan, Ph.d, Walnut Creek, CA

5] Muslims like Zuhdi Jasser are the ONLY hope for Islam to truly live in harmony with the world.

Tawfik Hamid, Islamic Reformer, Washington DC

6] Dr. Zuhdi Jasser has been a strong proponent of pluralistic and spiritual Islam. For the last few decades most of the Muslim organizations in USA covertly or overtly have been helping the cause of global jihad. Dr. Jasser singlehandedly had been fighting the hydra monster of global jihad.

Jamal Hasan, Council for Democracy & Tolerance, Baltimore, MD

7] I have fled to freedom from the dictatorship of the extreme Islamists who have taken my religion, my homeland and my culture hostage of politics and power. I have come to America where there is no fear mongering, no intimidation of the opposite opinions and no hateful statements that come directly from the fear of truth and facts. I have come to America to be free from the people who use uninformed people to advance the agendas that have been refused by the majority. I have come to America to live in the civilization that allows dialogue instead of illogical personal attacks.

So if you are attacking Dr. Jasser it means that you are afraid of the truth that he speaks of and represents. Otherwise let us have a dialogue, like the civilized people that we claim to be, instead of waging war!

Manda Ervin, Alliance of Iranian Women, Washington DC

8] Dr. Zuhdi Jasser is a devout Muslim, descended from a long line of prominent Sunni ulama (religious scholars) from the city of Damascus, Syria. Those who accuse him of lacking sufficient knowledge of Islam to speak publicly on the subject, display a lack of familiarity with Dr. Jasser and the traditions of Islam itself, or are simply using such baseless claims to pursue a political objective – viz., discrediting one of the most outspoken and courageous voices of moderate Islam living in the West today.

The same is true of accusations that Dr. Jasser – a specialist in internal medicine and nuclear cardiology – financially exploits his work in the field of counter-radicalization, or serves as the paid mouthpiece of an Islamophobic conspiracy.

Dr. Jasser realizes that loyalty to his faith does not supersede or displace loyalty to his nation. This puts him squarely at odds with those who hold a supremacist understanding of Islam, or a hostile view of America and the West. However, it places him directly in the mainstream of America, including the silent majority of Muslims living in the U.S., who are grateful for its blessings of freedom.

C. Holland Taylor

Chairman & CEO, LibForAll Foundation, Winston Salem, NC


9] I want to affirm the appointment of Dr. Jasser to the US Commission on International Religious Freedom. Dr. Jasser has been a member of the Board of Directors of the ARIZONA INTERFAITH MOVEMENT for many years and there are two things you never need to question about Dr. Jasser. 1) He is always totally Muslim. You never need to question where he stands as to his faith. He is a very committed Muslim man of faith. 2) He is totally committed to Religious Freedom for all people everywhere. Locally, he has stood with the ARIZONA INTERFAITH MOVEMENT at all times in these issues, and Internationally he has been a leader in promoting religious freedom for all people.

I am proud to support Dr. Jasser in his appointment to the US Commission on International Religious Freedom.

Dr. Paul Eppinger, Executive Director, Arizona Interfaith Movement. Phoenix, AZ

10] We are extremely grateful for Dr. Zuhdi Jasser’s appointment to the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom, and cannot think of a better contributor to this Commission. Dr. Jasser is not only well informed and a clear speaker on issues of international concern, but also just a genuinely good person. I am deeply saddened about the bad press and comments he is getting. I’ve heard Dr. Jasser speak in public forums many times, as a fellow Arizona Interfaith Movement Board member, and have always appreciated his sincere and devoted sharing of his Muslim faith, and his reasonable discussions about the challenges he is facing as a Muslim. He has invited us to visit his Mosque, and to be part of the ground breaking when it was being built. While I clearly understand that not everyone within a faith tradition will agree on all the issues, matters of interpretation, standards of practice, and what even may define one’s faith to be involved with political issues, or not – I do know that Dr. Jasser is sincere and he does all he can to practice what he preaches. I feel he wants what is good and best for the greater good. I’ve heard him speak from the heart on many issues that I feel touch people’s lives around the world, regardless of what faith or no faith they may practice. He strikes me as always being thoughtful, and caring of others as he shares his perspectives. I have no reason to doubt that he is a dedicated and devout Muslim, who loves Islam deeply and wants others to understand what it is all about, while still respecting our pluralistic society. As a Christian Scientist, I have always felt comfortable in talking with Dr. Jasser about issues, and have felt that my viewpoint was always respected. At the same time, he has done so much to educate me to what the issues are at more of a root level, that I can never express enough appreciation for him. I wish him well in this new appointment, and may God bless, guide and protect him each step of the way.

Blessings and gratitude,

Anne Taylor

Christian Science Board Member of Arizona Interfaith Movement

11] Congratulations on your appointment. The ferocity of the attacks against you are just testimonials to how much Islamists fear you.

12] When the fanatics rile against you, it is proof that you are succeeding. Stand your ground bravely and firmly, the one God will be with you. May He bless you and your work.
— J M

13] The opposition confirms the rightness of your appointment. I always welcomed this criticism as proof that I was doing the right thing. Keep up the good work, people must know that one can be a devout Muslim, and a good American.
— Bill


14] I was pleased to learn of your recent appointment to the US Commission on International Religious Freedom. As you may know, I authored the original legislation that created the commission. Since its inception, USCIRF has been envisioned as a voice for the voiceless-unconstrained by the diplomatic considerations which often paralyze the State Department. Now more than ever that voice is needed as people of faith the world over are under assault. You have a proven track record of boldly speaking truth to power-this will serve you well on the commission. (full letter)

Congressman Frank Wolf (R-VA)

Co-Chair, Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission

NB: Congressman Frank Wolf also later sent this letter to Imam Mohamed Majid of ADAMS Mosque in Northern Virginia in his district on April 9, 2012. April 9, 2012.


15] The groups opposing him are headlined by the Council on American Islamic Relations. So you already know how the passions will align. In danger of being lost sight of here is just what an impressive person Jasser is-and how decent and humane his message is. Here’s an opportunity not to turn every decision of government into a cable-news food fight. Americans of goodwill of all parties should be able to agree on this: Jasser belongs on that commission, and CAIR’s opposition is only another of the man’s many accolades. [LINK]

David Frum, contributing editor, Newsweek and The Daily Beast and a CNN contributor.

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