Syrian, Iranian, Kurdish and Lebanese Americans come together to Highlight the Role of Iran in the suffering of the Syrian People



Syrian, Iranian, Kurdish and Lebanese Americans come together to Highlight the Role of Iran in the suffering of the Syrian People

Leaders call for Obama Administration to do more to end the suffering of Syrian People and their exploitation by the Fascist Iranian regime

PHOENIX (January 16, 2012) – In a show of solidarity leaders from the Syrian-American, Iranian-American, Kurdish-American and Lebanese-American Community have come together to denounce the regime of President Bashar al-Assad of Syria and demand that the Obama Administration do more to openly support the Syrian people and stop the blatant attempts of the Iranian regime to exploit and further the barbarism in Syria in order to hegemonize the region under Iranian influence. Despite UN estimates that over 5,500 Syrian people have died at the hands of Assad’s military thugs, western governments and in particular the Obama Administration have done little to develop a consistent and cohesive strategy to remove Assad from power and stop the facilitation of his tyranny by the Iranian government.

“President Bashar Assad has isolated himself from the international community by aligning with the Islamic regime in Iran and following their example of holding on to power and possession at a very high cost of the Syrians’ lives,” said Manda Zand Ervin, founder of the Alliance for Iranian Women. “The Obama administration, for an unknown reason, has chosen not to directly support the real democracy movements in the two countries of Iran and Syria. Knowing well, that unlike the others that they have “liberated”, these two nations are far more likely to move away from Islamism and become more liberal democracies friendly towards America.”

The Iranian regime has been using Syria as a foothold for its plans against the United States, Israel, and any nations in the region that support the West. They have left the children of Iran without food, clothing, and education as they pour Iranian wealth into Syria and Hizballah in Lebanon for their fascist motives in the region. Sources confirm that Iran has been providing the steady stream of financing, arms, and even mercenaries in the evolving genocide against the people of Syria.

The United States current backing of efforts by the Arab League and of the Syrian National Council (SNC), which is appearing more and more to be an Islamist led opposition group, demonstrate how far U.S. influence has diminished in international politics and how unprincipled we are in our approach to develop governments built on liberty in the Middle-East. The Arab League monitors are providing nothing more than a distraction from what is occurring in the streets of Syria. Their increased irrelevance and their presence as an illegitimate arbiter for the people of Syria should be acknowledged by all sides. U.S. support of the SNC and other Islamist groups throughout the region demonstrates a complete lack of understanding of the tactical and political situation of the ideological struggles that exist in the Middle-East.

“We have to take a principled approach to the people we are working with in Syria,” said Dr. Zuhdi Jasser co-founder of Save Syria Now! “By supporting a farce such as the Arab League monitors and the now more and more Islamist led SNC, we are sending a message to the Syrian people that we do not stand by the principles of universal freedom. The people in the streets of Syria have no choice but the removal of Assad and if the U.S. continues to give credence to these organizations while ignoring the needs of the majority of Syrians our opportunity to have influence in the region will be completely lost.”

The Obama Administration needs to codify an approach and a doctrine throughout the Middle-East that recognizes the demands of the people in the streets. The U.S. cannot afford to repeat the mistakes of the past by backing the Darwinian approach that the strongest groups must be our natural allies. Our support of the secular fascists in the past has put us in the position we are in today. The administration’s tacit support of the rise of Islamists in the region even if they articulate democratic principles like many in the SNC will imperil the freedoms of the Syrian people and close the door to genuine liberty for generations to come.

According to Sherkoh Abbas, President of the Kurdistan National Assembly of Syria, “The people of Syria deserve their chance to develop a free society that embraces a democratic process that guarantees individual freedoms for all regardless of ethnicity or religion. That will not happen as long as Assad is allowed to reign in Damascus. Syria needs western support to remove this dictator and establish a government where power is restored to the people and the military is not used as a tool to bludgeon the submission of the people.”

US Director of the World Council for the Cedars Revolution, Attorney John Hajjar said: “Lebanese Americans stand in solidarity with Syrian, Iranian and Kurdish Americans in calling on the US Administration to use all its resources to help Syria’s people end the oppressive regime and move towards freedom. The three peoples of Iran, Syria and Lebanon have long been oppressed by the Khomeinists in Tehran, the Baathists in Damascus and Hezbollah in Lebanon. We the representatives of the aspirations of millions of Middle East and Arab Americans from Iranian, Syria and Lebanese descent urge the Administration to form the necessary international coalitions to help the Syrian people in its quest for freedom”


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