The Other Muslims: Moderate and Secular

Hudson Institute holds forum to launch book focused on the struggle of moderate Muslims against Islamism

WHO: Dr. M. Zuhdi Jasser, president and founder of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy (AIFD) is a contributing writer to the newly released book The Other Muslims: Moderate and Secular (Palgrave Macmillan). The book is edited by Hudson Institute Senior Fellow and Director of the Center for Eurasian Studies Zeyno Baran. The Forum will feature Zeyno Baran, Dr. Zuhdi Jasser and Hedieh Mirahmadi, President of the World Organization for Resource Development and Education. Juan Zarate, former Deputy National Security Advisor for Counterterrorism and CBS News National Security Analyst, will moderate. Hudson Institute CEO Kenneth Weinstein will introduce.

The Other Muslims represents a unique effort to differentiate between Islam and Islamism. It is a collection of essays by moderate Muslims from Europe and the United States, who all agree that Westerners place democracy and universal human rights at grave risk if they ignore the political-ideological threat Islamists pose through their narrow interpretation of Islam.

WHAT: Book Launch Forum


WHEN: Wednesday, March 3, 2010

12:30 PM – 2:00 PM

Lunch will be served

Books will be available for purchase. Pre-order books here

RSVP required–please send your name and affiliation to

WHERE: Betsy and Walter Stern Conference Center

Hudson Institute

1015 15th St, NW,

Sixth Floor

Washington, DC 20005


MEDIA: Open Press


DR. JASSER: Dr. Jasser is a nationally recognized expert in the contest of ideas against political Islam and American Islamist organizations. He has spoken at hundreds of national and international events including colleges and universities, places of worship, government venues and many other public functions. On October 1, 2009, Dr. Jasser briefed members of Congress on the threat of Political Islam. He regularly briefs members of the House and Senate congressional anti-terror caucuses. In 2007 and 2008, Dr. Jasser lectured on Islam to deploying officers at the Joint Forces staff college. And In 2007, Dr. Jasser was part of a select group that briefed Admiral Mike Mullen on the “Contest of Ideas with the Muslim World.” Dr. Jasser’s writing and commentary appears in major media outlets such as Fox news, CNN, MSNBC, Al Jazeera, The Washington Times, National Review,, The Arizona Republic, Family Security Matters (, Islamist Watch, and the


AIFD: AIFD’s mission is to advocate for the preservation of the founding principles of the United States Constitution, liberty and freedom, through the separation of mosque and state. AIFD is the most prominent American Muslim organization confronting the ideologies of political Islam and openly countering the belief that the Muslim faith is inextricably rooted to the concept of the Islamic State.


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