AIFD Wishes Muslims a Blessed Ramadan and a rewarding and Spiritually Fulfilling Month of Fasting

On Saturday, we begin the commemoration of our Islamic holy month of Ramadan.

During our fast and introspection we are reminded of the truly important elements of our lives and how we can strengthen them; good health, our family, a renewal of faith and our personal relationship with God. These are values we all hold dearly, but may often come to take for granted.

The fast of Ramadan is a symbolic equalizer for all Muslims from every part of humanity. From the very rich to the very poor, the fortunate or the less fortunate, during this month we find common goodness in the challenge and rewards of the daily fast.

The hunger and thirst is a remembrance of the cornerstone of free will and discipline in faith as much as it is a sign of health. It is a reminder of thanks for our health and a test to see and feel the plight of those less fortunate. In hunger and in thirst, we are all equal. It is an equality that not only crosses social boundaries, but religious, political and geographical as well. It is a reminder of our shared humanity with every individual around the world.

It is with these thoughts and prayers in mind that we wish Muslims a blessed Ramadan and a rewarding and spiritually fulfilling fast this coming month beginning tomorrow.


M. Zuhdi Jasser, M.D.

Founder and President

American Islamic Forum for Democracy

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