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10/12/2018: I need your help.

Dear friends,

I need your help.

We are witnessing a civil war within Islam, a battle of ideas, as various interpretations of the same faith pursue very different agendas. While Muslim reformers like myself are frequently referred to as moderate Muslims, there is nothing moderate about our faith or the manner in which we practice Islam. Moderate Muslims believe their faith is a choice, a personal relationship between God and the individual. Moderate Muslims stand for peace, universal human rights, and secular governance, and they reject the idea that it is their religious obligation to spread “Islam” in hopes of establishing global-based sharia law (an “Islamic” government ruled by the Qur’an).

The world is watching the struggle, as these moderate Muslims engage in ideological warfare with the Islamists; the theocrats (individuals who prefer a religious government) who believe it is their God-given duty to convert the world to “Islam” and establish a global caliphate (an area ruled by Muslims) by whatever means necessary. This ideology (system of beliefs) encompasses Islam not only as a faith but also as a set of political aspirations. This ideology referred to as “Islamism” or “political Islam,” is entirely incompatible with Western values, and we adamantly believe that there is no greater threat to humanity.

While society tends to focus on those Islamists who have been brainwashed (radicalized) to commit acts of violence (terrorism) against non-Muslims, terrorism is only one tactic implemented by Islamists. A majority of the strategies implemented in America, primarily by Islamist organizations like CAIR and ISNA, are non-violent and subtle. Such strategies include patient advocacy, slow societal change, and chronic self-victimization. Regardless of the approach, the end-goal is the same; a world ruled by Islamic law.

While it is ultimately up to Muslims to decide which interpretation of Islam will prevail, we wouldn’t be exposing ourselves to the dangers of Islamism if we didn’t unwaveringly believe that our interpretation of Islam has the potential to permanently defeat the threat of Islamist theocracy (Islamism). While much progress has been made, there is still much work to do, and there are an abundance of projects we would like to undertake in our efforts to counteract the influence of Islamism.

If you or someone you know is able to donate to our fight against Islamism, we would be incredibly grateful. We aspire to grow and share our message with an even larger audience, and any amount, large or small, helps us achieve our goals.

We have a vision that future generations may exist in a world without the lingering perils of Islamism, and we need your help making that vision a reality.

As always, thank you for your support.

Your’s faithfully,

M. Zuhdi Jasser, M.D.
President & Founder

October 5, 2018: Counter-terrorism Strategy: United States’ new strategy focuses on Islamism & radical ideologies