Arizona Islamist Media- (Issue No. 1.1)– “Arab Voice equates President Bush with Ginghis Kahn”

モThe common denominator between Mongolia and the United States: Is Bush the Ginghis Kahn of the New Age?ヤ (print piece provides no author) The article appeared as a response to a visit which President Bush paid to Mongolia in December 2005. モThe real common denominator that provides the reason for Bushメs visit is that the United States and Mongolia have something in common in history. The savage Mongolians under Ginghis Kahn in 1258 also occupied Baghdad and massacred Iraqis and destroyed the civilization including the destruction of the grave of Haroun Al-Rashid and the entire Abbasid civilization.” “What the entire American Arab and international media ignored was that the destruction that the Mongolians did to Baghdad in 1258 is exactly what the American forces are doing today. Ginghis Kahn prior to his death stated that God sent him to punish the Muslims. So his replacement Holaco interpreted that as the need to destroy Baghdad and get rid of the Abbasids’ flourishing civilization which lasted 500 years. That was the prelude to Holaco attacking and destroying Baghdad and he attacked the capital from four different directionsナ.” AIFD COMMENT: Ginghis Khan in the 13th century led forces that were savages, uneducated, and devoid of any remnants of civilization. They attacked cities and civilizations that were at the time sitting at the peak of its intellectual achievements in that era. It was known that when Ginghis Khan occupied Baghdad, the Tigris River flowed for weeks black in color because of all the books, writings, and publications that were thrown in it. How can that in any logical way compare with the United States getting rid of one of the most barbarically horrific savage rulers of the 20th century? This piece in reality is also equating the Abbasid civilization and the government of Saddam Hussein. This kind of anti-American, pro-Saddam propaganda must not represent the local Arabic and Muslim community, could it? ——————————————————————————– This report and translation is provided as a service to our community. See “Why AIFD provides the ‘Arizona Islamist Media” reports for our commentary which clearly explains our intentions

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