Local Islamist Media in the Valley- Be informed

Spread an awareness of local media which hijacks our spiritual faith of Islam for political agendas Dissemination of Islamist (Political Islam) ideology by the only two local Valley Muslim and Arabic Community newspapers needs the light of day The local Arabic language Arab Voice and the English language Muslim Voice are local throw away newspapers published by Mr. Marwan Ahmad of Breek Publishing and distributed predominantly to the Arabic speaking community in Arizona, California, Nevada and New Mexico. While typically the quality of reporting and writing in these papers would not warrant an effort at monitoring, these papers are ubiquitous and unopposed in the local Arabic and Muslim communities of Phoenix and the southwest. Their wide presence in most Arabic and Islamic cultural centers in the Valley when put in the context of a virtual absence of any competitive or contrary voices makes it a political force and threat worth regular public monitoring. In the coming months, we will provide a public translation and accounting of selections from the Arabic language Arab Voice and excerpts from the English language Muslim Voice to the Arizona community. Without this report most Arizonans are unaware of this widespread material. This will hopefully be our small contribution in an effort to let the greater Arizona and southwest community understand what type of ideology is being distributed under the guise of cultural and religious newspapers. Transparency is essential to countering the ideology which feeds political Islam. We may at times provide commentary, but the selections should speak for themselves. It is our firm belief that those who operate under the benefit of freedom of the press should not seek comfort from the protection of communication in a foreign language or from distribution to circumscribed, limited, ethnic, cultural, or religious populations. Exposing political Islamic literature will force the debate which we seek– a public debate concerning the separation of religion and state in our faith of Islam. Today, the terrorism which threatens American security the greatest is that committed by radical Islamists driven by the politicization of Islam (Islamism). In our efforts to secure our safety from such threats, vehicles for Islamism operating on American soil are certainly a liability and at any time can serve as fuel for the next radicalized Muslim. Transparency will dilute this toxin. This is the reason we monitor local and global islamist ideology. Moreover, the sad reality is that this relatively rare phenomenon (as demonstrated by the lack of other competitive voices) of a local Arabic or Muslim publication could have actually been one of the primary tools in combating the ideology of Islamism. But rather quite to the contrary, readers of the English and the Arabic translations of Mr. Ahmadメs papers will find that these publications are far from being moderate voices for the Arab and Muslim communities in the Valley. Stay tuned to our モArizona Islamist Watchヤ reports and discover the type of ideology distributed in our Valley and in the southwest. These selections will also highlight an ideology which rests alongside their fellow media echo chambers of such satellite television networks as Al-Jazeera, Syrian television, Egyptian television, or a number of Saudi satellite stations beaming in Arabic language anti-American propaganda into American Arabic homes on a daily basis. Our efforts will remain steady to expose the writings of these publications as long as Breek Publishing (Principle: Mr. Marwan Ahmad) and its papers continue to distribute Islamist and anti-American ideology here in Arizona. Finally, also essential in this debate is an understanding of which businesses and mosques, fund, support, and distribute this material. For in the end, whether knowing or unknowing, they are directly facilitating a wider distribution of the ideology of Breek Publishing, Mr. Ahmad, and his editorial staff. One should safely assume that all of these advertisers and distributors support Mr. Ahmadメs message since they are funding it, distributing it, and allowing their own businesses to benefit from the community which reads it. At the website of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy we will only post the names of those businesses, mosques, and cultural centers which distribute or advertise for this material. (see Arizona Muslim Voice and Arab voice watch section and supporter lists). It will remain updated as we are aware of any changes. Our prayer is that with the light of day we can begin to break apart this toxic mixture of our pious local faith community and Arabic cultural community with the visceral politics of the Middle East and the Islamist agenda. While these publications (the Arab Voice and Muslim Voice) have not and do not promote violence and often carry many non-political messages as community services, unfortunately readers will also find throughout a heavy promotion of political Islam. It is our central belief that political Islam (Islamism) is an ideology which runs against the pluralistic ideology of America and the separation of religion and state. Perhaps our efforts will encourage the development of other non-political Arizona Arabic and Muslim community religious and cultural publications. Until Islamist (political Islamic) publications are truly marginalized, they will remain a liability to our security through their fertilization of susceptible Muslim minds. Stay tuned.

Arizona Islamist Media- (Issue No. 3.0)– “Arab Voice Rushes to Reassure its Readers and Advertisers while issuing veiled threats to its ‘Enemies'”

[This piece appeared in the June 2006 issue of the Arab Voice on page 1]- translation provided by AIFD. AIFD Comment below translated article. “If you hear bad things about me” by Marwan Ahmed, Editor-in-Chief “If you do not like to be criticized do not do anything that leads to it. Our work in journalism forces upon us to have an opinion and to take a stand. Journalism that pleases everyone is a deceiving form of journalism and many times journalism results in many friends and enemies.” “Today we have friends and we have enemies. But our enemies are predominant at this time due to our clear and solid stands on several issues and due to our obvious influence on the local Arab American forum and the clear relationship we manage to build in the economic and political milieus. And because of the bridges we built between the Arab community and other communities, some started to build animosity and vengeance and envy to influence advertisers who use our publication to stop using us in order to put pressure on us. But they ended up failing in all of their attempts of both the old and the new in forcing us to change our fixed attitudes. They started claiming that we hate Shiites and other times they said we hate Christians or that we support terrorism.” “In all of this I would like to relay good tidings for the readers that all of these are false claims and some of the advertisers informed us officially about them and that they had no influence on them and their intention of continued advertisement.” “And we say this so that we wontメ be blamed for any measures that we take against these individuals who are trying to subvert our interest and our rights in the freedom of opinion and publication. We need to mention also that publications that take certain attitudes stimulate discussion and exchange of ideas which in the final analysis is to the interest of the community which is by itself in the interest of the advertisers and their businesses.” “I have other good tidings to relay to all readers and haters, that we will continue reporting our attitude strongly and our advertisers will not be affected. We will always express fully where we stand even if we pay for it a price from the financial or personal standpoint. As the poet said, モif my criticism comes to your from one who is deficient, it is further proof of his deficiency and of my wholesomeness.ヤ —————————————————- AIFD COMMENT: This rambling nonsensical diatribe is a most bizarre letter of reassurance to his readers and advertisers. It is quite remarkable that Mr. Ahmed has resorted already after just four months of our educational program to front page diatribes of fear which one would have thought would happen only as a last resort not as an initial salvo. His comments are intentially vague, and one can only guess that they refer to some of our educational efforts at AIFD herein to expose his ideology. Our Arizona Islamist Watch reports have focused on simply disseminating his ideology in an educational manner and responding to it from an anti-Islamist Muslim perspective. We do this to inform the public about the opinions distributed by the Arabic language Arab Voice and the English language Muslim Voice while showing that other entirely different viewpoints do exist in the Muslim community. Yet, note Mr. Ahmedメs complete avoidance in this editorial of any issues of substance but rather focus upon demonization of others and victimization of himselfラtelling his readers, モeven if we pay for it a priceヤ. This hyperbolic response comes yet only after a mere 4 months and counting of exposure of his pervasive Islamism to the general public. For the first time in over 10 years, this educational service from AIFD has begun to break the Islamist monopoly which Breek Publishing has on opinion representation in the activist Muslim community locally. For some reason which is not clear here, Mr. Ahmed is very upset about this. His comments in Arabic to his local Arabic audience seem to say that when the same freedom of speech he enjoys and uses is used by those who disagree with him to provide an alternative viewpoint, it becomes モhate, vengeance, and envy.ヤ Mr. Ahmed conveniently confuses his own Arizona public accountability for all of his opinions with his own visceral emotions of choice– ムhateメ and ムvengeanceヤ Most papers of credibility would have welcomed attention to their opinions from other mediums since newspapers are supposed to be in ‘opinion’ industry. However, his victimization response can only mean that Breek Publishing has a great deal to hide. Why fear an informational service which highlights his Islamism? Our educational program only informs the greater Arizona community about Breek Publishingメs opinions and material while also providing some response. There is nothing more democratic than that. Breek Publishingメs form of democracy has nothing to do with real debate of the issuesラIslamism vs anti-islamism within Islam. In fact, much as one may find in the ailing Arab world, anti-democratic forces prefer to demonize individuals and distribute hateful cartoons in the name of democracy (as Mr. Ahmed has before) rather than try and defend their politically volatile Islamist opinions to the greater Arizona community. Finally, Mr. Ahmed has also already begun to discharge veiled threats in Arabic telling his readers, モso that he wonメt be blamed for any measures that he takes against these individualsヤ. Certainly not typical comments for a serious journalist. Herein is the typical Islamist dissociation of responsibility for their own actions. He is already laying the groundwork in Arabic on his pages for taking ‘measures’. It would seem that from the outset, he would rather begin by doling out veiled threats than by engaging in a legitimate debate about the incompatibility of Islamism with Americanism or any of a number of the other topics our reports have exposed. His is just another typical response from a dodging Islamist. Islamists will do anything to avoid real debate. They prefer to focus on demonizing those who disagree with them while wrapping themselves shamelessly in victimization and freedom of speech all the while denying the same for their adversaries. Perhaps it is becoming more clear now why in over ten years no one else had yet outed Mr. Ahmedメs Arabic publication to the greater Arizona community. ——————————————————————————– This report and translation is provided as a service to our community. We pray that this type of extremism and lack of moderation in opinion does not represent the majority of Muslims and Arabs in the community. See “Why AIFD provides the ‘Arizona Islamist Media Reports” for our commentary which clearly explains our intentions in providing these reports.

Arizona Islamist Media- Issue No. 1.0 Arab Voice celebrates Hamas victory

Posting extreme Islamist opinions disseminated in the local Arizona Muslim Voice and Arab Voice newspapers. For all recent postings see the homepage of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy and check under モMonitoring Islamist Mediaヤ. The Arabic language Arab Voice of February 2006 carried the following comprehensive piece on page seven. This translation is provided by AIFD. Note that the Arab Voiceメs sister publication in English the Muslim Voice had much milder public endorsements of Hamas. モHAMAS draws the map for the entire Arab nation. モ by Mohammed Riyad (page 7 of the Arab Voice February 2006). モThe matter did not need Phantom Jets, nor napalm bombs, nor an American army occupying the country–to reach the heart of the capital and destroy the statue of the despot in a critical time. It did not need interference by the CIA by using their agents and millions of dollars to produce a military coup to get rid of the ruling class and put them at the bottom of the barrel.” “There was no need for an alliance that would attack the ruling authority under the cover of the stealth American planes to remove the regime and bring instead a government of traders in narcotics. None of that was needed. There were no massacres or collective rape or burning cities or bringing down mosques but the issue was much simpler than that. All it took is boxes of ballots that was used by the simple Palestinian citizen to produce the earthquake that brought down all of the establishment of tyranny in the Arab world from the Atlantic to the Gulf.” “The issue does not speak for HAMAS as a movement but what that movement represents of the irresistible will of the Palestinians for a change. Just like every Arab citizen forbidden from self-expression. Yes, HAMAS meant change and the change expresses the conscience of all of the Arab nations and their will at this age. With that HAMAS victory was an expression of the will of the entire Arab nationナ. ” (this translation covers only the first third of a long polemic on the モgreatnessヤ for the Middle East which the Hamas victory portends) AIFD Comment: This piece speaks for itself in its blatant celebratory tone about Hamas. Our law in the U.S. still clearly identifies Hamas as a terrorist organization whether or not they have been democractically elected. We will recall that the Nazis took over Germany democratically after an election. It is our belief that this congratulatory sentiment from this local paper of the extremist organization of Hamas does not represent the majority of Arab-Americans or Muslim-Americans in the Valley and it is unfortunate that this remains the only example of Arabic language response in the Valley to the Hamas victory. Hamas has yet to renounce its draconian charter which reads as a ‘Mein Kampf‘ of anti-semitism and in favor of an anti-democractic institution of sharia. Many publications have exposed the racist rhetoric and hate-mongering of Hamas which this columnist and the Arab Voice never mention and in fact tacitly glorify. Our prayer is that this opinion is a minority opinion within the local Arabic and Muslim community which would respond in much greater moderation.

Arizona Islamist Media- (Issue No. 1.4)– Arab Voice on “The Lie of God’s Chosen People”

モThe lie of Godメs chosen peopleヤ. By Abu Nidaa (in a section of the paper entitled ムSharing with readersメ). モThe place is the area where you cross between Jordan and the cleanest spot on Godメs earth which is Palestine. From 6 OメClock in the morning until 4 OメClock in the afternoon we did not go for more than half-an hour from the Jordanian stop point until we got to the biggest catastrophe which is the Israeli stop point. My wife is ‘Um Nidaa’ and my daughter is Nidaa and my grandchildren are Hatem and Fayez whose age does not exceed 6. We stayed all of us waiting to be permitted to cross into Palestine, the land of our fathers and grandfathers.” “And I kept on saying to the responsible officer and the irresponsible soldiers, ‘both of them originated from Russia and eastern Europe,’ I kept on asking them what did this kid do who are Americans in nationality spending 6 hours waiting? Isnメt this terrorism which if it had occurred to one of those Israelis anywhere in the world the whole world would have exploded with questions about anti-semitism.” “What does peace mean to you, enemies of peace? What does democracy mean to you enemies of democracy? You are afraid of the trees and the stones and the ground and the sky because these speak Arabic and you are afraid of our children and our grandchildren more than you are afraid of our men. We are proud of that. What is the civilized picture you are trying to draw? In the minds of our children you occupying killers we tell you once and a thousand times there will be no replacement for the return despite the difficulties and the encumberances. We shall return. Palestine is my country. My country, my country, and my country and to her my heart belongs.” AIFD Comment: This piece speaks for itself in its tone and offense. Briefly, is the statement that Israelis fear children and grandchildren more than Palestinian men a glorification of suicide bombing and the use of children in terrorist operations? Note the complete lack of moderation and the repeated call for a right to return which basically is a euphemism for the destruction of the state of Israel. ——————————————————————————– This report and translation is provided as a service to our community. We pray that this type of extremism and lack of moderation in opinion does not represent the majority of Muslims and Arabs in the community. See “Why AIFD provides the ‘Arizona Islamist Media Reports” for our commentary which clearly explains our intentions in providing these reports.

Arizona Islamist Media- (Issue No. 1.3)– Arab Voice chastises CAIR for receiving King Abdullah

モWhy does the CAIR organization receive King Abdullah in its yearly conference?ヤ “The attendance of King Abdullah at the CAIR (Council of American-Islamic Relations) yearly conference this year was an incident that attracted the attention of most observers. CAIR is known to defend the civil rights of Arabs and Muslims in the United States, and many of them have resented this yearメs guest.” “They gave support to this person as the head of a state which rules with police organizations that do not appear to recognize the simplest forms of civil rights for its own citizens. It would have been much more appropriate to invite personalities known to be defenders of civil rights like Nelson Mandela or others who have a good reputation in that area instead of the head of a state which built special prisons for the punishment and torture of prisoners from Afghanistan and Iraq as some observers mentioned.” “The question here is what kind of a message this organization [CAIR] was trying to convey to the Arabs and Muslims in the United States with this action?” AIFD COMMENT- It says quite a bit when this piece, among other things, tries to make CAIR (an organization whose Arizona chapter shares office space with this newspaper) appear more moderate in the Muslim community. The Arab Voice chastises them for inviting an American ally, King Abdullah. The editor hypocritically chooses to concentrate on one of the most moderate rulers in the entire Middle East who is a friend and an ally of the United States and who arguably has led changes to thwart terrorism and militant Islamism among Muslims. This is not to mention the hypocrisy of the publisher of this same newspaper who has taken AIFD to task on multiple occasions for being too hard on the Saudi Wahhabists. See this link where I comment back in 2004 on Mr. Ahmad’s bizarre defense of the Saudi Wahhabist and his whitewashed perception of their reform. The common thread here is the promotion of the Islamist agenda. Those who counter it are this paper’s enemies while it rushes to the defense of those who defend Islamism. It is even more interesting that the main criticism of this newspaper distributed monthly on American soil and written in Arabic against the King of Jordan is his crackdown on terrorists (prisoners of war against the U.S.) coming from Iraq and Afghanistan. What then are the inclinations and loyalties of the editor of the Arab Voice and the writer of this piece? How does King Abdullahメs attitudes towards civil rights compare with that of the Palestinian organization (Hamas or the PA), not to mention countries like Syria, Iran, and Saudi Arabia all of which this newspaper has never found room to criticize in any of the issues we have reviewed. This Arab Voice has been a constant apologist for those dictatorships. It would seem that its barometer of hate is not related to measures of freedom but rather to those who happened to be allied with the U.S. (note another piece in the Muslim voice we will send out soon which glorifies foreign Muslim organizations which protested President Bush’s visit to India). ——————————————————————————– This report and translation is provided as a service to our community. See “Why AIFD provides the ‘Arizona Islamist Media Reports” for our commentary which clearly explains our intentions

Arizona Islamist Media- (Issue No. 1.1)– “Arab Voice equates President Bush with Ginghis Kahn”

モThe common denominator between Mongolia and the United States: Is Bush the Ginghis Kahn of the New Age?ヤ (print piece provides no author) The article appeared as a response to a visit which President Bush paid to Mongolia in December 2005. モThe real common denominator that provides the reason for Bushメs visit is that the United States and Mongolia have something in common in history. The savage Mongolians under Ginghis Kahn in 1258 also occupied Baghdad and massacred Iraqis and destroyed the civilization including the destruction of the grave of Haroun Al-Rashid and the entire Abbasid civilization.” “What the entire American Arab and international media ignored was that the destruction that the Mongolians did to Baghdad in 1258 is exactly what the American forces are doing today. Ginghis Kahn prior to his death stated that God sent him to punish the Muslims. So his replacement Holaco interpreted that as the need to destroy Baghdad and get rid of the Abbasids’ flourishing civilization which lasted 500 years. That was the prelude to Holaco attacking and destroying Baghdad and he attacked the capital from four different directionsナ.” AIFD COMMENT: Ginghis Khan in the 13th century led forces that were savages, uneducated, and devoid of any remnants of civilization. They attacked cities and civilizations that were at the time sitting at the peak of its intellectual achievements in that era. It was known that when Ginghis Khan occupied Baghdad, the Tigris River flowed for weeks black in color because of all the books, writings, and publications that were thrown in it. How can that in any logical way compare with the United States getting rid of one of the most barbarically horrific savage rulers of the 20th century? This piece in reality is also equating the Abbasid civilization and the government of Saddam Hussein. This kind of anti-American, pro-Saddam propaganda must not represent the local Arabic and Muslim community, could it? ——————————————————————————– This report and translation is provided as a service to our community. See “Why AIFD provides the ‘Arizona Islamist Media” reports for our commentary which clearly explains our intentions