Death Threats Against a list of Moderate Muslims in the West

An Egyptian group calling itself the ‘al-Jama’ah Consultative Council” has disseminated a hit list of moderate Muslims felt by their radical group to be apostates on April 10, 2006. They gave the list three days to disavow their stances or they will be killed. Their threat said the following:

“We will follow them everywhere they go and at anytime; and they can never be far from the swords of truth, and they are closer to us that our shoelaces. They are monitored day and night. We are fully aware of their hiding places, their houses, their children’s schools, and the times when their wives are alone at home. We gave our rules to the soldiers of God to execute the rule of God so that their blood can become close to God [to kill them] and burn their houses. And we thank God that many of those infidels and atheists do not exist in the land of Islam, so that they do not defile the Islamic land with their rotten blood. They are in the land of infidelity, the land of idols, pagans, and Cross worshippers: in America, Canada, Switzerland, and Italy. If they existed on a spot in the Islamic land, let us wash the places of their slaughter and beheading seven times to purify the Islamic land of the impurity of their blood. And let us captivate their women and enslave their children loot them. Let us apply the Islamic rule to them; and whoever kills one of them, will get his loot.”

This satanic message also names their families and children as targets with a list of their names.

Stephen Schwartz, executive director of the Center for Islamic Pluralism in Washington D.C. has released the following statement:

The Center for Islamic Pluralism vigorously protests the dissemination of death threats against a group of Arab intellectuals living in the West, including one of our founders, Imam Ahmed Subhy Mansour, and the distinguished liberal social critic Saad Eddin Ibrahim. We commit our utmost efforts to protection of those at risk. CIP provides a translation of the list and some relevant notes.

Issuers of such death threats are truly our greatest enemies in the war against militant Islamism. While some may dismiss such threats, we must take them seriously until this so called ‘al-Jama’ah Consultative Council is apprehended and brought to justice.

This threat is exemplary of the same old tired method used in the Middle East for over half a century to silence many of the moderates of Islam who work to directly combat fanaticism, extremism, and militancy among our fellow Muslims.

And in effect, by silencing through fear Muslim moderates who preach pluralism, they strengthen other Muslim organizations who refuse to engage the radicals and simply speak of victimization.

Our first priority in the War on Terror should be to harness our resources as quickly as possible in making our lands of freedom and liberty in the West safe havens for all those Muslims who are strong enough to wage the war of words against Islamists.

We cannot overstate the importance of making it painfully clear to this organization in Egypt and every other one across the planet which chooses to threaten and intimidate those who speak out that we will all rush to the defense of those Muslims and freedom fighters who are threatened. We will bring each and every one of their satanic voices to justice, and we will strengthen the voices of Islam which preach moderation, pluralism, freedom, and liberty for all.

Moreover, strategically, in the war against militant Islamism, nothing is more central than amplifying the Muslim voices of pluralism and freedom against these voices of oppression and theocracy. Our security agencies, our diplomatic corps, our military on the ground, and our administration should spare no words or action in identifying these individuals, their group, and others like them as being one of the main heads of the snake we fight abroad.

Why AIFD provides the “Arizona Islamist Media” Reports

Providing an information service and stimulating debate within our local Arabic and Muslim community In our モArizona Islamist Mediaヤ reports we are disseminating articles and opinions from the Arab Voice and the Muslim Voice. We do this not to stifle freedom of speech which we most certainly defend as a core right guaranteed by our U.S. Constitution. Rather, we are widely disseminating this information to make sure that our fellow Arabic and Muslim community members are fully aware of the type of ideology being distributed by our businesses and places of worship under the guise of the only cultural newspapers. As the only newspapers in our community, they become whether we like it or not representative of the type of newspaper our community supports, endorses, and distributes. AIFD was founded as an organization based upon the consistency of the separation of religion and state within our faith of Islam. So certainly, following local media organs which embody the very ideology (islamism) with which we disagree is natural in an open debate no different than any ideological antagonists would do in a free society. However, more importantly, the extremism and tenor of some of the ideologies presented on the pages of the Arab voice and the Muslim voice make it necessary that our community fully understand what is being distributed as the only media ムcommunityメ organ of American Arabs and American Muslims in the Valley. We certainly defend Breek Publishingメs right to freedom of speech as we do all of its sponsors and distributors. But, perhaps its sponsors or distributors are not aware that an advertisement or shelf space for distribution is a clear tacit endorsement of the acceptability of the ideology. Certainly, advertisers and distributors need not agree with all of the ideas presented in a newspaper, but when the paper travels into the distant margins whether far to the left or far to the right from mainstream America it becomes a real liability for all of its sponsors. Perhaps, the vast majority of these businesses are not aware of how extremely leftist and Islamist these publications remain. Many businesses and places of worship utilize these publications to contact the cultural and Muslim community since they are the only game in town. Perhaps some awareness of the liability of these publications will awaken some in the community to provide other community newsletter options which are free of politics and free of radical leftists and Islamist ideology. The Arabic writers of the Arab voice depend on the fact that few mainstream Muslims or Arabs or other Arizonans read this and obtain great comfort from its dissemination in a foreign language. We just cannot believe that our Arabic and Muslim communities are fully aware of the ideology of these newspapers. Some may say that these reports are ムpolicingメ or censoring free speech. Quite the contrary, we are not asking that Breek Publishingメs right to publish or distribute be changed. In fact we defend it. Rather, we are simply exercising our own right to free speech in order to finally open the long overdue debate concerning whether Marwan Ahmed and Breek Publishingメs material actually represents our community.

Arizona Islamist Media- (Issue No. 1.3)– Arab Voice chastises CAIR for receiving King Abdullah

モWhy does the CAIR organization receive King Abdullah in its yearly conference?ヤ “The attendance of King Abdullah at the CAIR (Council of American-Islamic Relations) yearly conference this year was an incident that attracted the attention of most observers. CAIR is known to defend the civil rights of Arabs and Muslims in the United States, and many of them have resented this yearメs guest.” “They gave support to this person as the head of a state which rules with police organizations that do not appear to recognize the simplest forms of civil rights for its own citizens. It would have been much more appropriate to invite personalities known to be defenders of civil rights like Nelson Mandela or others who have a good reputation in that area instead of the head of a state which built special prisons for the punishment and torture of prisoners from Afghanistan and Iraq as some observers mentioned.” “The question here is what kind of a message this organization [CAIR] was trying to convey to the Arabs and Muslims in the United States with this action?” AIFD COMMENT- It says quite a bit when this piece, among other things, tries to make CAIR (an organization whose Arizona chapter shares office space with this newspaper) appear more moderate in the Muslim community. The Arab Voice chastises them for inviting an American ally, King Abdullah. The editor hypocritically chooses to concentrate on one of the most moderate rulers in the entire Middle East who is a friend and an ally of the United States and who arguably has led changes to thwart terrorism and militant Islamism among Muslims. This is not to mention the hypocrisy of the publisher of this same newspaper who has taken AIFD to task on multiple occasions for being too hard on the Saudi Wahhabists. See this link where I comment back in 2004 on Mr. Ahmad’s bizarre defense of the Saudi Wahhabist and his whitewashed perception of their reform. The common thread here is the promotion of the Islamist agenda. Those who counter it are this paper’s enemies while it rushes to the defense of those who defend Islamism. It is even more interesting that the main criticism of this newspaper distributed monthly on American soil and written in Arabic against the King of Jordan is his crackdown on terrorists (prisoners of war against the U.S.) coming from Iraq and Afghanistan. What then are the inclinations and loyalties of the editor of the Arab Voice and the writer of this piece? How does King Abdullahメs attitudes towards civil rights compare with that of the Palestinian organization (Hamas or the PA), not to mention countries like Syria, Iran, and Saudi Arabia all of which this newspaper has never found room to criticize in any of the issues we have reviewed. This Arab Voice has been a constant apologist for those dictatorships. It would seem that its barometer of hate is not related to measures of freedom but rather to those who happened to be allied with the U.S. (note another piece in the Muslim voice we will send out soon which glorifies foreign Muslim organizations which protested President Bush’s visit to India). ——————————————————————————– This report and translation is provided as a service to our community. See “Why AIFD provides the ‘Arizona Islamist Media Reports” for our commentary which clearly explains our intentions