Arizona Islamist Media- (Issue No. 1.6)– “Local Muslim Voice asks Muslims to unite in defense of Hamas and Recently Shut Down KindHearts”

The following are excerpts from an article on the front page of the March 2006 local Muslim Voice entitled: When the white bull was eaten” “There is an Arabic story that I heard about a wolf coming to three bulls: a white, a red, and a black one. The wolf took the red and the black bulls aside and told them if they let him eat the white bull he will not have any further interest in eating them. So they did, and the wolf ate the white bull. Then the wolf went to the black bull and told him if he let him eat the red bull he will not attack or eat him. He agreed. Later, the wolf came to the black bull and told him he is coming to eat him. At that time the black bull told the wolf, ‘I should have known that I will be eaten when the white bull was eaten.’ ” “The moral of the story is when the wolf divided the bulls and convinced them not to come to save the white bull he was able to conquer them one at a time. When the black bull realized what the wolf was up to, it was too late.” “Today we see this happening over and over again in our community as the government closes one charity at a time in the name of combating terrorism. When they closed the Holy Land Foundation first, followed by two other organizations, hardly any Islamic organizations made a serious attempt to stop the insanity of stopping aid to Muslims around the world.” “Now since Hamas won the elections in Palestine our government has been threatening to cut off funds to the Palestinian authority. Therefore they decided in an unwarranted way to close one of the most active charities in our community who helped not only Muslims but many non-Muslims too. From Katrina victims to the earthquake in Pakistan, they were always on the frontlines aiding humanity. However, for obvious reasons, our government decided to use politics to starve Palestinians for electing Hamas into their own government. ” “Again, this administration is sending the wrong message not only to the people of the Middle East but to the entire world. Theyメre saying that if democracy does not produce what we approve of we are going to fight back with sanctions, boycotts and isolating the winners. These double standards in our foreign policies need to be revaluated and redesigned to be consistent and fair. And the message to our Muslim organizations is that you were eaten when the Holy Land Foundation was eaten.” This article can be found online at the Muslim Voice website at this link. ————————————————————————— AIFD COMMENT: Clearly here, this weak ‘parable’ from the Muslim Voice makes some very disturbing projections of support and linkage for the entire Arizona Muslim community. The Muslim Voice is coming to the defense of both Hamas and KindHearts (recently shut down by the Treasury Department over allegations of violations of American law by funding Hamas). The story seems to make the defense in the name of the entire local Muslim community. Would the majority of local Muslims agree with this linkage? Reading between the lines, the moral of the story seems to be that when the wolf divided the bulls (‘Muslims’) and convinced them not to come to save the white bull (a victimized Muslim or Muslim organization) he was able to conquer them one at a time. They lost the strength of their unity. When the black bull (one of the leaders of the Muslim community) realized what the wolf was up to, it was too late. Thus, the Muslim Voice is implying that all Muslims should unite politically to support such causes as Hamas or KindHearts. One could perhaps understand religious unity in the face of pervasive immutable discrimination or violations of freedom to practice our faith. But both of these causes among many others put forth by the Muslim Voice are not religious (spiritual) causes but profoundly political causes simply done in the name of Islam. Regardless of the corruption and the toxic mixture of politics and religion in Hamas and Kindhearts, the Muslim Voice still asks Muslims to defend them simply because they are Muslim by name and happen to share a spiritual path regardless of their toxic political or foreign national path. Unity by faith in the cause of politics should be very concerning to most American Muslims if we are ever going to defeat radical Islamism. The Muslim Voice opinion seems to subordinate our community’s responsibilties as American citizens to uphold laws against funding terrorist organizations which utilize corrupt methods such as the targeting of noncombatants and random violence as methods of political change in the name of our faith. Many Muslims should take great offense at being grouped into front page opinions in a cultural newspaper which prioritizes political Islam and subordinates principles which directly affect American security. In fact, what is also sorely lacking in our community is an argument to the contrary, that we as Muslims should be policing our own agencies for even tacit support of terrorism (i.e. in Hamas), anti-semitism, or anti-Americanism. American Muslims should rather unite against political Islam and radical terror networks by name and by ideology. Perhaps a more representative parable for the Muslim Voice is that those who advocate causes under the guise of political Islam are in fact the real ‘bulls’ who have taken over all aspects of the ‘nature’ and ‘wildlife’ of our Muslim spiritual earth in which all Muslims could live and share a non-political spiritual path. ——————————————————————————– This report is provided as a service to our community. We pray that this type of extremism and lack of moderation in opinion does not represent the majority of Muslims and Arabs in our community. See “Why AIFD provides the ‘Arizona Islamist Media Reports” for our commentary which clearly explains our intentions in providing these reports.

Arizona Islamist Media- (Issue No. 1.2)– “Arab Voice hails “Latin America gains a new struggler against imperialism in Bolivia”

モLatin America gains a new struggler against imperialism, Boliviaヤ pg 5. (no author) モThe new Bolivian leader promises to support Fidel Castro against the United States.” “The new socialist leader Evo Morales who is a decendant from an Indian tribe and who won the recent Presidential elections in Bolivia declares his support for Fidel Castro in his struggle against imperialism on an interview that he gave to Cuban television.” “Morales who is going to become the president of the poorest country in Latin America said, ‘I have been dreaming all my life to support the struggle against imperialism and to support the Cuban people and now I have the opportunity to join him in his struggle for peace and social justice.’ He also invited the U.S. to lift the economic embargo on Cuba and predicting that the new struggle will be ending with victory.” “The United States is extremely interested in these developments especially because the new president of Bolivia appears to be encouraging the cocaine trade and his ties to the president of Venezuela Hugo Chavez and to Fidel Castro. ナナヤ AIFD Comment: This piece clearly sides with Castro, Cuba, and the Bolivian government against any American interests in democratizing Latin America. These types of pieces and comments could have been written in the old Provda of Moscow at the height of the Cold War. This demonstrates the extreme Leftist, Socialist and outright Communist support which the Arab Voice is providing in an Arizona publication to the only true Communist regime left in the World– Cuba. ——————————————————————————– This report and translation is provided as a service to our community. See “Why AIFD provides the ‘Arizona Islamist Media Reports” for our commentary which clearly explains our intentions

Arizona Islamist Media- (Issue No. 1.1)– “Arab Voice equates President Bush with Ginghis Kahn”

モThe common denominator between Mongolia and the United States: Is Bush the Ginghis Kahn of the New Age?ヤ (print piece provides no author) The article appeared as a response to a visit which President Bush paid to Mongolia in December 2005. モThe real common denominator that provides the reason for Bushメs visit is that the United States and Mongolia have something in common in history. The savage Mongolians under Ginghis Kahn in 1258 also occupied Baghdad and massacred Iraqis and destroyed the civilization including the destruction of the grave of Haroun Al-Rashid and the entire Abbasid civilization.” “What the entire American Arab and international media ignored was that the destruction that the Mongolians did to Baghdad in 1258 is exactly what the American forces are doing today. Ginghis Kahn prior to his death stated that God sent him to punish the Muslims. So his replacement Holaco interpreted that as the need to destroy Baghdad and get rid of the Abbasids’ flourishing civilization which lasted 500 years. That was the prelude to Holaco attacking and destroying Baghdad and he attacked the capital from four different directionsナ.” AIFD COMMENT: Ginghis Khan in the 13th century led forces that were savages, uneducated, and devoid of any remnants of civilization. They attacked cities and civilizations that were at the time sitting at the peak of its intellectual achievements in that era. It was known that when Ginghis Khan occupied Baghdad, the Tigris River flowed for weeks black in color because of all the books, writings, and publications that were thrown in it. How can that in any logical way compare with the United States getting rid of one of the most barbarically horrific savage rulers of the 20th century? This piece in reality is also equating the Abbasid civilization and the government of Saddam Hussein. This kind of anti-American, pro-Saddam propaganda must not represent the local Arabic and Muslim community, could it? ——————————————————————————– This report and translation is provided as a service to our community. See “Why AIFD provides the ‘Arizona Islamist Media” reports for our commentary which clearly explains our intentions

Arizona Islamist Media- Issue No. 1.0 Arab Voice celebrates Hamas victory

Posting extreme Islamist opinions disseminated in the local Arizona Muslim Voice and Arab Voice newspapers. For all recent postings see the homepage of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy and check under モMonitoring Islamist Mediaヤ. The Arabic language Arab Voice of February 2006 carried the following comprehensive piece on page seven. This translation is provided by AIFD. Note that the Arab Voiceメs sister publication in English the Muslim Voice had much milder public endorsements of Hamas. モHAMAS draws the map for the entire Arab nation. モ by Mohammed Riyad (page 7 of the Arab Voice February 2006). モThe matter did not need Phantom Jets, nor napalm bombs, nor an American army occupying the country–to reach the heart of the capital and destroy the statue of the despot in a critical time. It did not need interference by the CIA by using their agents and millions of dollars to produce a military coup to get rid of the ruling class and put them at the bottom of the barrel.” “There was no need for an alliance that would attack the ruling authority under the cover of the stealth American planes to remove the regime and bring instead a government of traders in narcotics. None of that was needed. There were no massacres or collective rape or burning cities or bringing down mosques but the issue was much simpler than that. All it took is boxes of ballots that was used by the simple Palestinian citizen to produce the earthquake that brought down all of the establishment of tyranny in the Arab world from the Atlantic to the Gulf.” “The issue does not speak for HAMAS as a movement but what that movement represents of the irresistible will of the Palestinians for a change. Just like every Arab citizen forbidden from self-expression. Yes, HAMAS meant change and the change expresses the conscience of all of the Arab nations and their will at this age. With that HAMAS victory was an expression of the will of the entire Arab nationナ. ” (this translation covers only the first third of a long polemic on the モgreatnessヤ for the Middle East which the Hamas victory portends) AIFD Comment: This piece speaks for itself in its blatant celebratory tone about Hamas. Our law in the U.S. still clearly identifies Hamas as a terrorist organization whether or not they have been democractically elected. We will recall that the Nazis took over Germany democratically after an election. It is our belief that this congratulatory sentiment from this local paper of the extremist organization of Hamas does not represent the majority of Arab-Americans or Muslim-Americans in the Valley and it is unfortunate that this remains the only example of Arabic language response in the Valley to the Hamas victory. Hamas has yet to renounce its draconian charter which reads as a ‘Mein Kampf‘ of anti-semitism and in favor of an anti-democractic institution of sharia. Many publications have exposed the racist rhetoric and hate-mongering of Hamas which this columnist and the Arab Voice never mention and in fact tacitly glorify. Our prayer is that this opinion is a minority opinion within the local Arabic and Muslim community which would respond in much greater moderation.