Save Syria Now

We come together to plead that the international community does everything in its power to stop the Assad regime from continuing to brutalize its own people.

Today there are more Syrians living outside Syria than in Syria after almost half a century of the ruthless and barbaric oppression of the Ba’ath Party and the Assad dynasty. The recent uprisings in Syria are on behalf of generations of abused and oppressed Syrians everywhere who have been slaves to the Ba’ath and the ruling Assad despots. So far, in just the past few weeks, hundreds of courageous Syrians have given their lives for a chance to change the miserable condition of their existence.

The protests across Syria in the streets of Dara’a, Homs, Hama, Latakia, Isra, parts of Damascus, Banias, Duma and other cities against the Syrian despots will only continue until the Assad regime is finally ousted.

This is about the long overdue liberation of the Syrian people from their oppressors, some of the worst the history of humanity has ever seen.

Since Hafez Assad took over in a coup in 1970, the Assads have overseen an authoritarian, barbaric rule of epic inhuman proportions. For decades hundreds of thousands to millions have suffered the brutality of a totalitarian regime that rather than being held accountable for crimes against humanity has been tragically immune to world attention, opinion, and pressures.

From Tadmur to Hama to the thousands of Syrian citizens who disappear annually because of the thuggery of the Syrian Intelligence services, the time for an international accounting has finally come. If not now, when? We can no longer stay silent.

Nothing, not one reassurance uttered from the lips of the Assad regimes has ever been or will ever be true. No self-respecting Syrian will ever believe anything that the Syrian government tells them or promises them. The Assad regime speaks about reforms, removal of emergency laws, and new ministers only as facades to pacify the Syrian people so that they can return to their pogroms against those who dare to speak out.

Syria is a “republic of fear” that has finally at long last with the courage of its people and its dissenters in the streets now begun to breach the divide of its own government’s terror.

They desperately need the support of every humanitarian in the world in order to push back against the evil that is the Assad regime.

As innocent civilians now are being murdered in cold blood in the streets of virtually every town in Syria for simply assembling, protesting, or even attending funerals of their dead, the world can finally plainly see what the Assad regime is. The Syrians have long been suffering at the hands of Assad’s henchmen for over 40 years. Now, they are finally saying, for the entire world to hear: “it must stop, now!” And we, in the lap of freedom cannot, and we will not, fail them!

While the revolts in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya have been brave and courageous, none of those Arab nation’s despots and nations match the barbarism and rampant fear that characterizes life in Syria under the evil that was Hafez and is now Bashar Assad.

The United States, the United Nations, and the Free world must acknowledge publicly that if the protesters were to return to their homes now, a return back to the “normalcy” of the past 40 years is another death sentence for every Syrian and their family who uttered a critical word.


Gregg Edgar, Gordon C. James Public Relations,, 602-690-7977

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