We explicitly and fundamentally reject any justification whatsoever for any form of terrorism (the targeting of civilians and non-combatants).

We will intellectually and morally invalidate the Islamist (Muslim supremacist) belief system. We reject the association of Islamism with Islam.

We will openly name and challenge Islamist organizations and their enablers in order to clearly set the boundaries of organizations which exploit the religion of Islam for their own political purposes.

We recognize the fact that there is no clergy in Islam, and we accept the Qur’an as our main reference for discussions regarding our faith.

We will promote our belief that pluralism and moderation are fundamental principles of the Holy Qur’an.

We recognize and honor the principles of individual liberty and freedom. We believe that the practice of religion and its laws are a matter of free choice within an individual’s beliefs and conscience only. Our governmental laws should be based upon our Constitution and Bill of Rights, and derived from reason.

We believe that every Muslim is equally entitled to his/her opinion concerning the religion of Islam, in an environment free of ostracism, intimidation, and reprisal. While we recognize the value of scholarship and learned discourse in Islam, we believe that all Muslims should play an active role in the debate and ijtihad of our own faith.

We will work to educate the public regarding the special historical relationship between Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

We will publicly affirm our belief that the primary threat to America is from both violent and non-violent Islamist’s who exploit the faith of Islam, and who use identity politics, victimology, tribalism, and intimidation to further their goal of Islamist hegemony.

We believe in the equality of the sexes which is well established in the Qur’an.

We will work to promote and enhance the understanding of spiritual Islam in America, and clearly differentiate it from the dangers of political Islam (Islamism).

We will work to express the consistency of the principles of Islam with economic principles of free markets, individual choice and capitalism.

We will work to educate Muslims about both the positive contributions of Islamic history and the need for a second enlightenment of Muslims which recognizes the universal principles of freedom, individual rights, separation of religion and state, and limited, constitutional government.

We will work to instill in young American Muslims a clear understanding of, and appreciation for liberty, the U.S. Constitution, and the distinctively positive impact that America and American ideals of freedom and liberty have had upon the world.

We will work to formulate principled positions on specific areas of American foreign and domestic policy as they relate to the vital national interests of the United States and the principles of freedom.

We specifically stand in support and unqualified recognition of the state of Israel and its right to exist behind secure borders as do all free nations. (While as Muslims and American citizens we will take stands on many diverse foreign policy issues, we feel that the recognition of Israel has proven to be one of the litmus tests for Islamist demagoguery. Thus we feel it is important to make a foundational statement about the recognition of the state of Israel.)

We also support the right of the Palestinian people to live peacefully and be represented by an anti-Islamist government which unequivocally recognizes the state of Israel and is free from radical ideologies which justify acts of terror.

Contact us for more information about the American Islamic Forum for Democracy.

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